What to get for Moses basket

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luckylass1 Posts: 477
Im planning on getting under sheets and then grow bag for cot but for Moses basket what would you use for when baby is using it? Blankets? Just lil worried would smother in blankets... What's have you done or can recommend?
minkel Posts: 270
I used pillow cases as sheets and then a blanket over him but tucked in under the mattress part.
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
We used blankets in mosses basket, make sure they are cellular blankets.
luckylass1 Posts: 477
Ok great will do that thanks for advice, Was going to order mama and papa foam mattress for basket tomorrow. At least that will one thing done. So how many cellular blankets would you use? Baby due to be born in November. Should one blanket be enough?
Honeypop Posts: 99
I would swaddle the baby in a cellular blanket and then use your judgement at the time as to whether or not you need another blanket tucked in over it. You will know yourself if you do. I swaddled all the time when my DS was in the moses basket and then used grobags in the cot. He is nearly 2 and is still in grobags. I will be so sad when I have to take him out of them :o(
MrsMtoB Posts: 1212
Hi there, we went to mothercare and got a bedding bale for the Moses basket for €20. It had 2 fitted sheets, 2 flat sheets and 2 cellular blankets. Found it very handy. I used the fitted sheets in the pram as well. The amount of layers you put over the baby depends on the temp of the room. We used to put dd in a babygro and then a doubled cellular blanket over her, so 2 layers. She's in the cot now and in her grobags and they're brilliant!
frisp Posts: 174
I bought 2 fitted sheets and 2 cellular blankets moses basket/crib size. I saw those bales the other day MrsMtobe - think they were around 30 or 40 tho.. Do you need to buy flat sheets as well as fitted sheets or is it either for under baby? Or would you use flat sheets over baby? I haven't got a clue :o0
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
I never used flat sheets. I recommend having at least 3 blanket as babies spit up/ vomit alot. We always used two on baby and had a spare one. Once ds moved to grobags we still used blankets in buggy and for car seat.
MrsMtoB Posts: 1212
Sorry, I should have added that I got that bedding bale on sale in mothercare, they do specials on them the odd time so keep an eye out. Flat sheets aren't essential, we used to put one over dd's lower half and then the cellular blanket when it was cold. The cellular blankets are what ya need really.
elpi Posts: 748
We got a set of 4 sheets in TK Maxx but could easily manage with 2 as DS isn't spewy at all. Have 2 cellular blankets, use 1 and 1 spare. I wouldn't buy too much of anything until baby comes and you see what you'll need.