What to give if not going to wedding?

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sally Posts: 1140
a very good friend of mine is getting married but is having a small family wedding so I wont be going. I was looking at presents for her and saw a lovley lamp but it was 200 euro so was out of my budjet at this time but in same shop saw a fab slate mirror which I think she would love but it was only 55. There were mirrors smaller and not as nice for twice the price and it doesnt look cheap at all but I feel a bit cheap only spending that much. She wont know of course and to be honest I cant afford an expensive gift. Do you think its mean to only spend that much? How much should you spend on a gift if your not going to the wedding. I could always top it up with a frame!!
fifibelle Posts: 4447
Go with whatever you feel is right! However if it was a very good friend of mine I would stretch the budget a bit.
Gummiebear Posts: 2911
We werent going to very good friends of h2b's wedding nd gave them the very same as we wld if we had been going!!! I felt that was right as he was a very good friend of h2b and i know they wld do the same for us!!!