What to give Mum2B as she goes on maternity leave?

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pumpkinpie Posts: 43
Hi all M2B's! A woman in work is going on maternity leave in a fortnight's time. We work in a small enough unit within a larger department and we (her immediate colleagues) would like to give her a pressie as she leaves. Flowers are out really, as the larger department will send her flowers on behalf of us all when she gives birth. So Mums 2 B what would you like as a present in this situation? Or new mums, did you get any pressie as you left on maternity leave other than flowers? I would love any suggestions :wv
frogmella Posts: 1264
When I was going on maternity leave the girls got me a hair voucher and a voucher for mothercare aswell!! They were so good - also my friend got me loads of stuff from Lush (bath bombs and all) to have lovely relaxing baths!! And my boss got me perfume and body lotion - hey I actually did really well :wv
Septbride Posts: 380
we all just go for lunch when the mommys go on leave and then when babs comes along we give a pressie usually for mammy though so she is not forgotten amongst all the babygros
pumpkinpie Posts: 43
Thanks girls, they are great suggestions. I think the lunch option might be a good one alright, as we would all get her something individually when baba arrives.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Something nice to pamper herself, a voucher for a pregnancy massage or foot massage would great. I would have loved something like that when I went on maternity leave but I got nada!