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LadyMary Posts: 1050
What did you say on your mass booklet, if you have a memorial candle for a loved one? I remember seeing one before on here that was lovely but cant remember it now. :wv
jenny07 Posts: 345
My friend had this: A separate candle also burns on the altar in fond remembrance of X's father, XXXX. In Loving Memory of those who could not be with us to share our special day, For those we have loved and lost along the way, A flame to remember them burns here today, For the laughter, smiles and memories remain, Together today their presence sustains. Never forgotten and loved forever more,
MrsTiredbride Posts: 3397
Thats beautiful Jenny - really special. I've tears in my eyes as I lost my FIL earlier this year and know h2b wants to do something to mark his absence. I think that's just what he would like.
jenny07 Posts: 345
You're welcome. I was actually stealing stuff from her booklet last night and spotted it! :thnk
LadyMary Posts: 1050
Thanks so much for that. :wv
woohoo09 Posts: 630
ah that poem is nice. we are going to light a candle on the alter in memory of grandparents and my aunt, but we're not telling anyone anything about it. it'll be private. We'll light it, we'll know what it's for, that's enough for us. The best man or bridesmaid can do a quick toast to absent friends during the speeches. That's it. We don't want to make a big deal about it, but I can understand it is different when it's parents who have passed on. :thnk
2009 Bride Posts: 990
That poem is so lovely Jenny, thanks for sharing :wv