what to take for sore throat/ear - 5 weeks preg

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excitedfor2010 Posts: 336
hi girls I woke up this morning with a sore throat and ear, any ideas on what I should be taking, terrified the cold will hurt the baby. is it ok to have a cold this early on? thanks girls :thnk
Spoilt Princess Posts: 141
Hey excitedfor2010 A couple of things you can do is - warm some olive oil and put it on cotton wool and place in sore ear - it'll relieve the pain a bit because of the heat. You are able to take paracetamol - if you are worried, there's no harm ringing the maternity hospital you're going to - they'll tel you what's safe or not. It's really common to have a cold in early pregnancy - don't worry! You can obviously drink lots of hot drinks, freshly squeezed lemon and hot water etc I hope you feel better soon x
excitedfor2010 Posts: 336
thanks spoiltprincess was a bit worried that it may hurt the baby. never heard of the olive oil one, il give that a go :thnk
twinpeaks2 Posts: 77
I had a horrible cold around 5 week mark, really knocked me out. Just took lots of honey and lemon in hot water. Make sure it is pasturized honey. Olive oil is great for a sore ear. Hope you feel better soon. Nasal congestion is very common in pregnancy and I'm still stuffed up most mornings when I wake. Just get lots of sleep, fluids etc. A cold can't harm the baby, just look after yourself.
happymammy09 Posts: 318
I had the same at start of my pregnancy and Like the others I had fresh oj & lemon with honey. It really helps the throat and stops it going onto your chest. Hope you get better soon!
excitedfor2010 Posts: 336
thanks girls, just read there to ensure that the honey is pasteurized - it doesnt say ont he jar if its pasteurized or not and im eating away at it - its boyne valley pure natural honey, does anyone know if this is pasteurized or not?
twinpeaks2 Posts: 77
Boyne Valley would be pasturized, as it is a belnd of Irish and EU honey. Unpasturized honeys are generally the ones you get that are produced lcoally, in farmers markets etc, by people with their own hives. Most commerical honey like Boyne would be ok.
curliwurli Posts: 3369
you can take paracetamol as well to help with any pain - it is perfectly safe to take during pregnancy as the molecules are too large to be passed to your baby - my mum who used to be a midwife told me so and my GP confirmed :)