What to wear at christmas when trying to conceal pregnancy

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2013TTC Posts: 121
Hi ladies, will be around 11 weeks pregnant at christmas and would like to wait the extra wk before telling anyone. So my 'dilemma' is that I don't know what to wear to conceal it. Any suggestions? Have been shopping twice and 2 problems...1) everything made me look like I was sporting a pot belly (didn't expect that so soon!) so that coupled with not drinking I might as well carry a banner around with me and 2) I seem to be getting bigger every day so if I buy it now will it even fit me come Christmas?! Seriously don't know what to expect....clueless! Thanks!
Daisygatsby Posts: 62
Try a shift style dress, I bought a few when I was handing my pregnancy in work and they worked really well. I bought mine on asos and just went up a size. Wear with a statement necklace and draw the eye away from your stomach. Ps congratulations :o)ll :o)ll
2013TTC Posts: 121
Thanks daisygatsby, that's what I was thinking too but haven't seen any I like. Will give asos a go x
atina Posts: 2240
Was just going to recommend the same, but one size bigger normal clothes and they should do you for a few weeks
pinkframe Posts: 628
Chiffon shirts, floaty tops with scarves. I picked up a few in H&M the other day. Congrats!
Pillow Posts: 58
There are loads of floaty tops and big style sparkly tops in Next that would work perfectly to hide any bloat. You wouldn't even need to get the bigger size as they are relaxed fit.