What traditions are you not following

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SunnyBrideUp Posts: 19
And why :) Are you doing anything else instead?
hadtoleave Posts: 2522
If it was left up to me I wouldn’t have bothered with cake as I hate the cheesy cutting of the cake photos (and I don’t eat cake!). I don’t think I would bother with speeches either except to thank everyone for coming as I find this is usually a really cringey part of the day. But my OH is fairly traditional so wanted these things. Actually I wanted to go abroad and get married or else do the marquee thing but we are doing the full tradition hotel wedding that I thought I would buck the trend of… Not sure if they are traditions or not but definitely not throwing the bouquet or doing the garter thing. I am hoping to have a slightly quirky twist on the menu so its not just your normal beef or salmon options. But when it comes down to it I am doing a very traditional irish wedding!!
Nostress Posts: 1606
Having cupcakes so no cutting of the cake - vintage(ish) theme so thought the cupcakes would look nicer Not having a first dance (OH hates dancing) Having 2 groomsmen and 1 bridesmaid (we picked who we really wanted and then I decided not to ask someone else just for the sake of it) 2 flowers girls and no page boy Not wearing white dress (found one I loved that's not white, didn't plan on it) Not throwing bouquet (Thinking of a brooch bouquet so might take someones eye out with it!!!!) Apart from that and going abroad all is normal!!!
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
We didn't have a cake, never saw the connection between weddings and cakes. Didn't bother with favours either. Not sure if its tradition but we didn't ask all our relatives, only those we'd know well and see regularly. Didn't have any children, we might have made a concession for the one niece we have but didn't need to. Didn't ask SIL to be a BM, hubs didn't ask my brother to be a GM-we just had one of each. I didn't have a hen party, I'm not keen on them so decided not to bother. Had a pamper day with mum and sis two days before the wedding and a meal with some friends instead. Didn't bother with hired cars, just used a nice local taxi (Bently). And had no garter-HATE this, out of every tradition this is my least favourite, I cringe when its done at any wedding. One thing we'd also have ditched is the speeches, don't get me wrong they were fine but in hindsight we would have just not had them and let the speech makers enjoy themselves.
R2theB Posts: 1660
No church - we're both atheists, thankfully our parents don't have or want a say in this, having a humanist ceremony instead. No sit-down meal - having a big casual bbq, OH is in a wedding band and doesn't want to feel like he's at work, this is the reason for a lot of our choices including the next three. No speeches - neither of us care for these at all, we're going to thank the necessary people and that's it. No cake - again not for us and I couldn't believe the prices when friends got married, for a cake?? Very untypical venue - it's basically a nice large pub with a great outside area in Dublin city centre. No bridal party - neither of us could decide who we would pick(I had said no more than two each initially) and then we were just like, well, nothing else is traditional so feck it, just an extra expense we don't actually need. We're going to walk down the aisle together, just the two of us. No cars - going to stay in a hotel nearby and will walk over. No favours - spending any extra money on booze for our guests, no-one really has to travel or spend money on a hotel so I think just making sure people are well-fed and watered is enough. No big dress and defo no veil - would just feel a bit silly with the style of our wedding, ceremony in a beer garden (a nice one mind you!) in a big wedding dress with all the trimmings? Ehhh, no. Haha, doesn't sound like we're getting married at all when I write it all down! :eek Finger's crossed it all works out for us, my vision is so set out now that I'll be gutted if the venue changes their mind or something!! Otherwise... :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
missussunshine Posts: 513
We had a buffet ( fish & chips, bangers & mash..), marquee, no top table, no cake (cupcakes for everyone), different coloured bridesmaids, short wedding dress, no garter thing (i cringe also!!), did throw my bouquet in fairness and it was great craic, i think there would have been some disappointed people otherwise :) . We weren't big into a traditional wedding but really wanted to get everyone together for a big knees up and everything turned out lovely. Id say not to bother doing things differntly for the sake of it, just go with whats you.
spaced2012 Posts: 275
R2theB and missussunshine can you pm me your venues? a friend of mine wants wedding thats informal party and avoid the sit down affair if possible but finding it hard to get a venue that will do what she is looking for in the dublin area (and open to surrounding counties) i'm towing the line for the most part, not because i'm traditional but because its just blumming easier. i'd love to elope! i'd rather not get married in a church as we're not religious but OH is v keen to do this and i'm not feeling so strong to argue about it. ill save that for something else :innocent: we're using family cars instead of hiring. we making our own cake & icing it. I do like my food so will enjoy sitting down for a good meal. I will defo not do the garter thing and i'd rather not do bouquet throwing so probably wont. i don't think the single ladies would want to be highlighted either. i always hated being pushed out to 'catch'. we're having a round top table as i hate the straight ones esp if they on a stage. we weren't going to have a band as we dont like wedding bands but found a good non wedding band to play. mostly going run of the mill but aiming to not complicate things at all.
disorganisedbynature Posts: 78
No Cake, no cars, no first dance,no garter, no matching bridal party, they can wear what suits them as individuals, (I know most brides arent like this BUT i do think there is a small section of brides who dont what their bridesmaid to look tooo nice, this is judging by some of the unflattering outfits I seen bridesmaids of completely different shapes and colouring being forced to wear), maybe we will decide on some kind of colour family for clothes but not too bothered if we dont. No theme, no overall colour scheme,no favours (is this a tradition? I dont know but I will spend money on food and drinks).By the way I have no venue booked or date set! This is just what my self and the other half decided straight away. No stag and no hen, we will probably reserve a space some where and ask people of both sexes to join us for drinks a couple of weeks before the wedding, some where there is music and maybe some nibbles, and if people want to or can join us then great. By the way I have nothing against any of these things but its not for me, money wise I cant justify it and as regards hens/stags alot of our friends are under strain financially, many of them have families too, so going to the wedding itself will cost them money in some form if they can attend, without me organising a hen than people cant afford to go to.
Buttonnose Posts: 477
No church - we're opting for a civil ceremony No wedding cars - Using my Dad's merc and one of his friend's cars Uneven wedding party - 2 Bm to 5 Gm! No public garter removal - Always makes me cringe, so it won't be happening at our wedding! No favours - waste of time and money imo. We're not a traditional sort of couple anyway, we both know what we wanted and didn't want. No novelty first dance, they irritate me "Brrp - the music stops, oh what a shock, and now they're doing the Macarena or Dirty Dancing." Ick! :hic Each to their own, but it's definitely not us!
fizzgig Posts: 501
pretty soon, brides will remove all the traditions and just be left with a gathering of people from both sides of the family :o0 .