What type of pregnancy pillow

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survivor Posts: 2507
Girls I'm having trouble getting to sleep or at least staying asleep at night as I'm uncomfortable. What kind of pillow do ye use and how??? I know there are full body length ones and ones in the shape of a V. How do you even position the V shaped one in the bed. Confused :-8 Does the long one go along your back? I dont want to waste money on something I dont even know what to do with. Any advice would be welcome :thnk
petunia Posts: 1626
hey, Ive got a soft, long body pillow (got it in Harry Corry) and have it under the bump and between my knees for sleeping. I think it was around €14 at the time. Was going to invest in a dream genii but got impatient and went out and got this one! Im not sure about the v-shaped ones, I cant imagine itd be as comfy under the bump as the other type but I could be completely wrong on that tho..... hth :wv
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
I just started having trouble sleeping this week and tried a normal pillow between my legs. Could not believe how well it worked. I have always slept on my front with one leg bent and one straight but the pillow between my legs makes sleeping on my side comfortable. Was really suprised that such a simple remedy with a normal pillow worked. Good luck.
milis Posts: 7998
i used a wedge pillow under my bump, it sorted me out, but i suppose it depends how you're uncomfortable!
walkingwollie Posts: 3344
Here's my history of pregnancy pillows - The dream genii - I bought this first, but if you need to roll over in the night, you have to get up and move it from under you.. I no longer use it in the way suggested and think it was an expensive waste of time. Then I used these, and still use them [img:3j0nimcx]http://www.ikea.com/PIAimages/0091636_PE227365_S4.JPG[/img:3j0nimcx] I have two of these. I use beneath my bump and/or knees, sometimes under my head - A v-shaped memory foam pillow, under my head, usually at a right angle. For most of my pregnancy, I slept with my head on the right angle and used the arm of the angle under my upper body/ribs (have had a lot of pain here). The best thing about it is that when you turn in the night, it's easy to re-angle. I love it. It is my friend. Now that I'm in the final bit, I usually have the memory foam pillow in a triangle, with the dream genii behind me for my back, one of the flower ones under my head for extra height, one under my bump and a normal memory foam pillow between my knees. It’s like a castle!
survivor Posts: 2507
Mrs Bean I'm in stitches at the thought of assembling a castle each night :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 Like doing a massive lego puzzle each night at bedtime. Thanks for the advice girls. Tonight I'll try the cheapest option of using my own pillow between my legs and I'll take it from there.
mtv Posts: 935
hi i got the wedge pillow in mothercare like the other poster. it is €12.99.
Thumbelina Posts: 2340
I had the Big V pillow on my last pregnancy & must root for it in the attic soon as I'm getting uncomfortable in bed. It's made of bean bag material so I lay on my side with it wedged under my bump & then between my legs. It was really easy to roll over with it. The beans in it made it really easy to flatten down or plump up whatever bit of it I wanted thinner or thicker!
survivor Posts: 2507
Thanks grils for the advice. I'm coming to you fresh from a good nights sleep. The regular pillow between my legs produced loads of comfort. I could see why something for under the bump might come in handy too. Thanks :thnk