What vitamins/supplements do you take?

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MrsBlues Posts: 5170
Girls, I'm really run down, my skin is breaking out, I've got thrush (again), my gums are sore and my body aches. Does anybody have any suggestions for a vitamin or supplement that actually works? I've tried Udo's Choice, but the calorie intake was enormous and that's the last thing I need right now.
x_x Posts: 1823
I get run down a good bit. I am currently v v busy with work committments etc so I am taking Berocca and Boots Skin Hair & Nails....have been taking this combination for about 3 weeks and I am dinging it so far. Really notice difference in my skin, even H2B commented the other day how soft the skin was on my back...
lady101 Posts: 175
Try something like multibionta for as a general multivitamin. Has a probiotic too, so that can sometimes help out with thrush. Then as an extra energy boost and to help the gums- try b complex or berocca. Watch out for the yellow wee tho!!
Biancee fiancee Posts: 907
Berocca is good..I take cod liver oil capsule every day...yuck I know but it stops the creaking of my joints...stops me feeling like an aul one!!
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
Thanks ladies, I'll pick myself up some berocca so. :wv
chaos Posts: 1904
i used to take barroca but gave me savage headaches! so now i just eat lots of fruit. had tried vitamins with ging sing or something in them but made me sick every time i tried them. lots of fresh water too, my skin was crap for last 3 weeks and i drank and drank and drank (mostly water, some alcohol... ha ha ha..) and its perfect now again.
Linda H Posts: 1151
Pharmaton is also good. Perfectil Smin, hair and nails is brill too !
vitamin1 Posts: 565
Malteesers Posts: 114
[quote="kellsbells":j4gxsw62]I am taking spirulina for the last 5 years i have all my students my mates their fellas and some mums & dads on it you will notice a huge difference in your energy,mood skin hair nails out of everyone i know only one girl that didnt see a difference i even have a guy i work with in college and its clearing his acne.. there are loads of types but this is the best click on link below the best form are powder capsules about 1-2 each meal depending on your hective life...oh yeah im taken berroca too just for extra b vits [/quote:j4gxsw62] Kellsbells that sounds great. Where can you get it and is it expensive?
septgal Posts: 330
I second spirulina...They are brill ..Contain all the mins & vits you need.I suffered with mouth ulcers for yrs, havent had one since i started taking them.Also, if you take them 30mins before meals, they curb your appetite .They vary from 18-20e , depending on what health food shop you get them in...well worth getting!!