What was your recipe for a baby?

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MrsMoojez Posts: 374
i hope to post my recipe whenever I get a BFP so in the meantime I was wondering if those of you with a BFP could post your plan that worked: i.e. what method did you use any vitamins/supplements? any alternative medicine? what food did you eat up to ovulation/after ov? bum on pillow afterwards etc? Preparing myself that this may not be our month so to avoid disappointment, i'd like to plan for next month! On CD9, 9DPO today and trying not to test until Saturday morning! thanks
mumof2 Posts: 3864
vitamins/supplements - primrose oil up to O and Folic Acid daily any alternative medicine - none what food did you eat up to ovulation/after ov - nothing spefic but did eat healthy bum on pillow afterwards - sometimes but not when I got my BFP. The month I got mine I was relaxed and had changed jobs, taking 2 weeks off during O You said you were 'On CD9, 9DPO today' -which one is it?
MrsMoojez Posts: 374
sorry- that was meant to be CD 29, 9 DPO thanks for your receipe! :)
Spice Bride Posts: 558
I was doing Reiki and during the sessions I was feeling pain in my groin or around that area. Therapist said it was because there was a blockage. Anyway, you can only do it until you get your BFP and not for the first trimester. I took 6 tablets of evening primrose oil from first day of AF until I ov'd. Really TMI but my CM was like the picture in the TCOYF book - where it is hanging down in strings. Very abundant. Sorry for TMI. Used OPK and dtd on the night we got positive and the next morning. DH orgasmed and then I did (heard that this gives the swimmers a bit of a push up there). Didn't get out of bed for at least 20 mins after. I used the first response OPK as the cheaper internet ones didn't work for me (and you got a free pregnancy test in the pack). Best of luck getting your BFP.
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
Hi Nic, good question! I'm in the same boat as you. Waiting.. Although we're only on 2nd month. For what it's worth I'll mark down what I'm doing. Please girls give us the full scoop here! This could be a great sticky. Read TCOYF (highly recommend!!!) and surfed the net and WOL Got Rubella and blood screening checks done with doc. Started charting temps Started monitoring CM Started using OPKs around Ov Taking Mum-to-Be Boots brand (Folic acid, vits (no A!) / mins, omegas) Alternatives - tried Evening Primrose last month, but didn't see any difference. Foods - should prob try to be more healthy :-8 but haven't been drinking much BD'd every day last month and think we may have done it too much.. :ooh Tried hugging my knees / pillow / rocking to help the swimmers. Interested to hear other peoples stories and best of luck to Nic and all the TTCers.
Sphynx Posts: 6795
*Took evening primrose oil, Eskimo fish oil and agnus castus drops up to day 14 (to help with cervial mucus and regulate hormones - mostly because I had just had a miscarriage and wanted to help those things along) *Didn't change my diet. *Drank lots of water to help the CM also. *Was on folic acid tabs for 3 months prior to trying *DH and I drank very little alcohol during our "trying" period. *Used preseed (sperm-friendly) lubricant. *Used First Response ovulation predictor sticks *DTD once or twice (!) a day starting on (as far as I can remember) day 10 and ending on day 16 (that was VERY exhausting) - think we started a little too early and I think we had achieved our target by day 15!). *Stayed in bed for at least 30 mins after DTD (or all night in some cases) and "Tried" to do pelvic floor exercises to help the swimmers along! * Said lots of prayers and lit loads of candles!! *Starting pregnancy testing 4 days before AF was due and got very very faint line - got the first definite positive two days later! Good luck!!!
Cowslip Posts: 761
Just dtd the deed every second day around ovulation and put pillow under bum for 15 minutes or so afterwards so that gravity could help the swimmers along ! Was taking folic acid also.....
ros Posts: 749
Hi Girls, This month I got a bfp but am spotting so threatened miscarriage. What we did: * Used pre seed 3 x times * Ate very healthy, organic meat and lots of salads * No alcohol for me and dh for the fertile days, and for me after ovulation. * DTD every other day from day 15, then got positive on OPK and DTD once a day every day until 1DPO. Good luck!!
Sleep Monster Posts: 2829
ROS, did I miss something? Did you get a BFP?? :o)ll :o)ll
so_clear Posts: 397
Are you supposed to use agnus castus every day for the whole month or just up until ov? Have been taking it every day, but tend to take it in the morning and then forget the evening one...and it tastes gick! :o0