What was Your Something Old/New/Borrowed & Blue?

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Jojobean Posts: 185
Hi Ladies Ok so I'm trying to make sure I have each of the above and am struggling with the something borrowed. This is what I'm thinking so far Old - Ribbon from a Holy medal I had on my sons pram as a baby pinned inside my dress New - Dress, shoes, veil etc Borrowed ?????? Blue - Ribbon from a medal I had on my sons pram as a baby pinned inside my dress All my jewellery is white gold so none of my mams jewellery would match, I would love to wear my nana's wedding ring (she's passed away) which my mum has but again this is yellow gold. Anyone any ideas??? Jo
fab2002 Posts: 178
my something borrowed is my head piece and hoop for my dress my couisn had here's and offered it 2 me so jumped at the chance plus saved a few euros by doing so new-dress,shoes veil old-havent decided yet blue-again havent decided yet
exmiss Posts: 199
Something old: my fiance bought me a pearl and diamond bracelet last xmas which im going to wear Something new: Wedding dress, veil, shoes, underwear:) Something borrowed: my sis-in-law is lending me her hairpiece Something blue???? not sure yet