What ways would you like to be surprised on your big day??!

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Annajoly123 Posts: 601
Hey Wollies! I have a question! I have been asked by the parents of my dear friend whom I am MOH for, if I have any surprises planned for the wedding day for the couple...!? To be honest, I don't know what types of surprises they have in mind and they didn't really either... O:| Sooooo, here comes the question.. has anybody got any ideas for me!? (Fireworks are out of the question as the hotel would not have the outside space for this! ) Looking forward to hearing some resonces.. Thanks in advance O:o)
30something Posts: 644
People expecting surprises are people setting themselves up for disappointment. I presume you're organising the hen? Is that not the time for 'surprises' - photo album and the likes. Would a couple who put thought into their big day actually want a surprise?
craftyPB Posts: 2625
I'd be ok with small surprises that fit in with our day, but nothing big! We've planned our wedding to have what we want, so someone planning fireworks or a photobooth or something we didn't organize would totally panic me! We didnt book those things for a reason!! I'd stay clear of surprises to be honest!!
Annajoly123 Posts: 601
Thanks for the replies! I agree with everything ye have said.. I personally would hate a surprise planned by someone else as I would almost feel as if they were taking over.. but her parents were all up for it..! Unless they meant I do a speech?!?! :eek :eek
pinkerbelle10 Posts: 705
I agree with the others - I'd steer clear of surprises on the big day. My MOH surprised me on my hen by making an album of mine and dh's live before we met and our lives since we met. It was soooo amazing and I still have it and treasure it. She talked to dh and his family got photos from when he was a kid, and other family details to make his section and did the same with my family. Then she collected photos and little tidbits that marked our relationship and put it all together. It was just so thoughtful and the best surprise ever. She have it to me at my hen. So maybe something like that?
30something Posts: 644
Gary Barlow is making appearances at fans weddings...
Conormammy Posts: 404
Early on in our planning stage my mother told me i have such a big suprise for ye on yer wedding day.. i half freaked out i told her i'm planning that im planning that day and if there will be any suprises that i will have organised them !! I couldn't handle knowing that at some stage in the day something unplanned would happen. A speech or photobook would be nice but knowing my mam it would have been embarrasing !!
CoolInterestingUserName Posts: 326
I don't think I'd like anyone to surprise me on the day. Jaysus my stomach is in knots thinking of what horrible things that could be done in a meaning well kinda way but that I now we would hate as it's not what envisioned for our day In saying that a few surprises I have heard of that went well for the particular couples are - Singing waiters before the starter (this was organised by grooms parents I think) - A singagram the morning of the wedding (done by a groom to the bride) - Band playing a special song in the ceremony (think this was done by musician friends) If you want to do something as MOH on the day you probably need it not to interfere with the actual wedding so think of something to give the bride the morning of like - have a getting ready playlist ready (full of uplifting songs, songs from her childhood and of course some great cheesy love songs) - get a video message from the groom (make sure you give it to her before makeup so as not to ruin it :) )
mrsxtobe Posts: 198
I would not like a big surprise on my wedding day. As others have said, so much thought has gone into the day that a surprise would probably only add stress. We have decided what extras we would like/not like. We don't want a photo booth or a caricaturist etc so we didn't book those things, it's not because we can't afford it. Unless your friends budget is small and she has had to cut things that she would have liked then i would not give a big surprise. In saying that i have had friends who were surprised on their wedding day with a wedding car paid for by a family member. They weren't getting weddings cars so it was a nice surprise.
ShinyBride Posts: 418
Agreed, I wouldn't like a surprise and I'd lose my life if someone arranged a singing / dancing anything. Also, I've organised a surprise that my parents / bridesmaids don't know about, so what if they organised the same thing? Maybe a bottle of champagne in the wedding car or hotel room, if it's not already included.