What wedding gift do you give your sister?

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NinjaDonDon Posts: 300
Hello WOLs! My sister is getting married this summer and I'm drawing a blank on what to get her. I don't want it to be anything house orientated as they are a bit up in the air at the minute on that front. I'd like something special.... but drawing a blank! Ryan-air/Aer Lingus voucher? But that's very impersonal. She's not into cutsie signs/sayings. I can't buy her clothes to save my life... I always get it wrong! I'd like to get her something she'll have forever. She might be wearing my veil on the day, but I'm taking that back! AAgghhh!! I love her so much, I don't want to get her something crap because I've left it too late! :action34 Help Please!
Tashab77 Posts: 129
My MOH got me a Thomas Sabo pearl bracelet with two charms on it, one engraved with mine and my husbands name and wedding date and the other was an infinity symbol. Would your sister have an interest in anything like that?
Noisin Posts: 448
What's the budget Ninja? Maybe pay a junk of the honeymoon off, money presents always help a lot! Always could buy something decent for a house, they can bring it with them, all my siblings gave large cash amounts, very helpful and appreciated!
lynchswife Posts: 81
Could you do something for the wedding? I have 2 bridesmaids and one is paying for my flowers and the other is paying for my cake as our wedding gifts which is so sweet of them. For a smaller budget you could arrange a pamper day before the wedding to get her massage, facial and nails done and it could be a nice bonding day out as well.