What wedding stuff to look out for in New York?

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Little Bee Posts: 59
Hi girls, I am going to New York for holidays over Christmas; Can't wait!! I have my dress, but trying to think of anything else that would be good value or different over there. Maybe invitations? Do they have shops specialising in wedding accessories, favours, etc. Has anyone bought any cool wedding stuff there? Thanks a mill for any tips! Fab to have so many people to ask :wv
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
You could get your shoes, invitations, bag, hair slide, veil, wedding rings.. The skies the limit over there I'm sure. They have great value jewellery there. My cousins friend got lovely invites in somewhere like Walmart would you believe. Best of luck anyway and enjoy your trip.. :wv
Babyloco Posts: 964
Oh me too,im going on Stephens day-when are you going?? Im planning to go to RK bridal for my shoes and maybe jewellery. Im not sure about any other shops. we're also going to look for wedding rings
Asics Posts: 1935
Never been there would love to go :lvs , a friend of mine was there a couple of weeks ago she is already married so wasn't looking for wedding stuff but she came with nearly the whole MAC counter :eek great saving to be had if you use this make up, enjoy the shopping :wv
msb Posts: 399
Hi all, I'm just back, have to say I thought RK bridal was very disappointing for wedding shoes, poor selection... I thought I would get them here also. Went to Macy's looking for shoes also, don't sell bridal shoes, but they recommended a shop called the Glass Slipper, somewhere down near 22nd St, was 2nd last day and didn't bother going in the end! Also went to Saks, but felt totally intimidated when I came up to the Bridal Salon as I wasn't particularly well dressed and ran out of the shop!! :-8 Got my bridesmaids dresses in RK bridal though and they were great for dresses, but didn't have a great selection of jewellery either... I guess it depends on what you're looking for though, do your research on web before you go, sometimes you do that much walking when you're there that you get fed up if you can't find what you're looking for! Def worth doing your research... Enjoy, its such a great city! BTW, went to see Mary Poppins and it was fab!!! Got discounted tickets, if you're thinking of doing a show, get subway and find TKTS booth at South St Seaport instead of queuing at Times Sq.. No queue at all at South St. Often the queue at Times Sq is 2-3 hours!!
Babyloco Posts: 964
That shop the glass slipper has a website http://www.myglassslipper.com/
Little Bee Posts: 59
Thanks girls Going over early on Christmas Eve, want to ice skate at Rockefeller Centre :compress You have given me loads of ideas, will start my research! This place have a shop there... http://www.favorsandflowers.com/ might be good for cake topper, invites etc. Thanks a mill for the show tickets advise MSB. Really want to see one, so will take your advise. Marilyn another shoe place is Nina's shoes... http://ninashoes.com/ Prices are really reasonable. Good Luck!
m2105 Posts: 122
i def recommend looking in walmart, they don't have any in down town manhatten thought you'll have to go out a bit. I got things like a cake topper, disposable wedding cameras for the tables, bubbles and other little bits, they have so much stuff O-O
shellsom Posts: 51
Just a thought but I know the teeth whitening kits are available over the counter in NY but you have to go to your dentist here to get them. You may not be interested in them though.
MrsRed Posts: 397
I was there a few week ago and got Shoes in RK Bridal Veil in Davids Bridal Engagement Ring and Wedding Rings Invitations Teeth Whitening Kits LOADS of Mac makeup Enjoy! :wv