What week did you pack your bag and get stuff ready?

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lovethesite Posts: 1054
I mean stuff like moses basket, steriliser etc stuff that you NEED when baby comes. I was thinking maybe 34/35 weeks, is that too late?
babyblaBBer Posts: 2448
god no, defo not too late. on DS i had some time off work at around 30-32 weeks so got some things ready then, hospital bag, baby clothes etc. the big things like cot, pram etc we made up when i was about 35 weeks. and then i sat there looking at everything for over a month and it felt like the end of my pregnancy went on FOREVER! take your time, do it bit by bit and aim to have everything done by 38 weeks but don't do it too early of the pram will sit there babyless taunting you from the corner of the room!
FoundHome Posts: 1753
I packed my hospital bag at 26/27 weeks. Myself and the consultant were convinced I'd go over but Hubbie had a feeling that I'd go early and he was right, I went at 36w1d. The travel system was still in the shop and crib needed to be put together. He was a bit stressed doing all this when I was in hospital with DS :-8 If we go again in the future, we'd be prepared earlier next time.
bobby2012 Posts: 644
With my son, a couple of days before he arrived, or maybe the night before. I had a feeling he was going to be early and sure enough, he was. With my daughter, I had the bag packed for a week waiting! She was a week late...
Mrs W Posts: 2923
I have my labour bag packed and my hospital one nearly done. We have the room painted, need the carpet, cot and the pram is in the shop. There is still loads of bits and pieces I need but if the worst came to the worst and baba arrived today the only other thing I'd need really is the Moses basket so ill get that this week and the rest will do later!
katiemomma Posts: 2690
Packed my bag for dd around 35 weeks and maybe 34 weeks with the twins. Dh and my dad got the cribs out once babies arrived safely. And I pulled the steriliser out of the box when I got home from hospital. It was something I forgot to do! My parents and best friend put all the bits together the day before we came home with the twins as I didn't want any of it in the house til then. Don't think it's too late. If you go 2 weeks over like I did on my first then it's a long time to have baby stuff up waiting. It made me more impatient tbh.
buttercupbabe Posts: 1224
Packed my hospital bag at 35wks & 3 days. LO arrived that night!!!
paperclips Posts: 3146
I will be getting my bag ready over xmas. I will be around 28 weeks then. Will have the bag ready and then will put it away until I need it. At least when I'm off over 2 weeks at Christmas I can pick up bits and bobs and get all that done. I want to enjoy doing it and not end up doing it in a rush.A midwife, who is a friend of my mum, and has been a midwife for over 30 years told me that every pregnant woman should have their bag ready at 24 weeks! Going to wash all baby clothes over xmas too. Another job I can get done over a couple of days without rushing to get it done closer to the time. Will clear out nursery as their is a bed, furniture in there at the mo. DH will do that with my brothers when they are home for xmas because they'll be able to give him a hand with all the dismantling and heavy lifting. Everything else like furniture, cot etc will wait until closer to the time.
blueboots Posts: 833
Still not packed and im nearly 35 weeks.... :-8 was much more excited about it first time around, think i had it done at 30 weeks... The novelty has well and truly worn off :o0
Silini2 Posts: 3834
I had mine ready about 35 weeks and brought my bag in boot going to my ante natal apts. just as well as I was admitted straight after appointments both times!! At 36 weeks on dd1 and 39 on dd2!! Was so glad I had bag w me!!!