What were your unnecessary wedding costs?

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mrsmcc2502 Posts: 497
What did you pay for that you wished you hadn't bothered booking? Have our wedding list pared down to the absolute necessities but happy to cut more out! Also, What costs crept up on you at the end?
craftyPB Posts: 2625
The only thing I would change about oh day is I wouldn't bother wearing a veil - it just annoyed me in the church, kept getting caught on the detailing on the back of my dress, but other than that I'd do everything the exact same - we had such a brilliant day! We had won an ice cream van, which we had arrive after the ceremony. If we were planning a wedding again, we'd totally organize hiring one as it was such a huge hit! Can't think of any costs that crept up to be honest. We'd a fairly detailed budget set out, so everything had been included in that.
mrsxtobe Posts: 198
Nothing big. I was happy to put extra cash into food and drink for our guests and we didn't bother with cars etc and i have to say they weren't needed. Small things - Handbag, though it was cheap and i will use it again. I didn't need one on the day. Flowers, I did my own which massivley cut costs but i could have done even less. We also didn't do the mothers flowers. Preferred to buy them a proper present on honeymoon. Favors, I made mine for about €100 but if i hadn't i would have skipped them. Also think edible favors or scratch cards are the best. I don't want a keyring or some other ornament with the couples wedding details on them.
Munstermolly Posts: 100
I couldn't bother with a sweet table if i had to do it again or party/activities packs for children , parents came well organised with their small children and the older ones were busy with ipods and phones . Agree with the other post even though i always say "oh its beautiful " i really don't have any interest in personalized gifts that may sound selfish etc but there it is i don't , also agree with putting the money into food and drink .
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
Disposable cameras for each table - bought them on sale from a website closing down, half of them were defective & now 2 years later they are all in a plastic bag somewhere awaiting development. Maybe some day I will get them developed & have a nice trip down memory lane. Someone bought us a guestbook for people to sign, I wouldn't have bought one as only a few people saw it to sign it & our camera man did vox-pops so we got lots of lovely messages on our dvd instead. We didn't do favours. Also didn't do teeth whitening or dance lessons! Used our own nice white car for a wedding car.
craftyPB Posts: 2625
Totally agree that food and drink should be what the most money should be spent on - and entertainment - good music was really important to us! We didn't bother with hiring cars either - used family and friends' ones. Neither of our mums wanted a corsage, so that saved a little our of the flower budget. We got our favours for free, but if we hadn't, I'd have made some or just gone without. I think by doing a lot yourself you can still have all the lovely little extras without spending too much at all. We saved a lot by making desserts ourselves (made by family and friends also) so had a dessert table for just the price of the ingredients. The majority of the décor we used on where items we had in our home. We saved a ton by doing all our own stationery, table numbers and signage too - the price of those things in stores and online is unreal!! Our church singer provided reception entertainment as part of a package which was cheaper than I was willing to pay just for church, but if she hadn't, I don't think I would have paid extra for it. The guests loved it, but don't think they'd have missed it if it wasn't there. (same goes for magicians, singing waiters, comedians etc in my opinion)
NinjaDonDon Posts: 300
We wouldn't bother hiring cars in hindsight. We got a VW beetle and camper van. We mostly wanted them for photos as the distance from house to church to venue wasn't much at all. The icing on this cake was the camper broke down and the friends who we would have asked if we could borrow their cars ended up driving the bridal party anyway! and the camper was only in a couple of photos! We went OTT on gifts for the bridesmaids too. They were almost embarrassed with being fully kitted out for the day AND getting perfume and a few other bits. We bought robes too which were almost forgotten about on the day. I wouldn't worry too much about these. watching our video clip, I'm glad we weren't all matchy matchy. We also had a makeshift photobooth which the husband made himself and his arty sister did the props. it was a hoot and costs us nothing but materials. We put all the photos on our webpics app. Definitely concentrate on food and drink. When booking we told the venue that we didn't care if they went over the half bottle per person in the package. I didn't want anyone at the bar till after the meal. Mammy made a gizilion scones which were laid out for afternoon tea on arrival and they disappeared in no time!
westcoastdreamer Posts: 41
This is a funny one, cause I would say weddings in general are an "unnecessary" cost HOWEVER…… if you are going to do it, and have people take time to come.. you better feed them and look after them. So, nope, our big expenses were food (I don't remember ANYTHING about weddings where I was hungry for hours, except being hungry for hours. There might have been the most stunning decorations but I don't remember anything but the hunger LOL - maybe I'm just greedy! I just don't enjoy weddings were the food is spared. We had food with the drinks on arrival, then sit down meal, then big evening buffet) So that was our biggest expense - food. DO NOT regret it! Next biggest expense was photographer. Again don't regret it, the photographs and memories are all that's left after the day is over. Next, dress. mmmmmm maybe could have gone second hand on that one, there's SOOOO many bargains available, but I did love my dress Next biggest expense was looking after bridesmaids and wedding party, in fact that probably totaled more than my dress. IMO don't have a big wedding party if you can't afford to make them feel appreciated and looked after - if you need to ask them to shell out for their wedding party stuff, you probably should have had a smaller wedding party. One day is not worth creating tensions with friends over. We bought our cake from tescos, was fine, don't regret not having a £££ cake Stationary doesn't matter to me either Sorry, not much help, cause IMO if we wanted to spend less then we would have to elope, cause I couldn't invite people and not feed em well, and that was our biggest chunk of budget
westcoastdreamer Posts: 41
oh, hardly anyone signed the guest book, people sent thank you cards after the day instead. That didn't cost much though. Our table centre pieces doubled up as favours: bowls of sweets! V cheap!