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*bubblez* Posts: 1599
it goes with ours too, I think its soo lovely!! I can't believe you're going to have 4 babies hon, I bow down to women like you I don't know how you do it at all I'm in complete awe... I'll ahve a breakdown with one!!
cyberspi Posts: 103
when they are little then prob. mama, dadda, nana, gaga and granny (thats what all the other grandchildren call my mother so we'll keep with that!) :) as they get older then prob. mam and dad..
Me Julia Posts: 1352
Mummy and daddy, then mum and dad. Since im english. DH doesn't mind what he is called. My mum wants to be called Grandma and Granda. Thats what i called my grandparents. Twinsep, i was just saying last night how much i like Isabel, however DH's ex was called that name. So i'm not sure now............It was the name of my first doll as well. I suppose i would eventually forget it was his ex's name.
twinssep Posts: 1242
hi bubblez i cant believe ill have 4 either i cant believe how much my life has changed in the last year we moved from uk i had one child although i was expecting he twins i had a very stessful fast paced job and poor isabel was in creche every day its mad i will go back to work eventually but at mo too busy being a mummy its hard work stressful but i get so much laughs and joy from them i wouldnt change it i do sometimes miss my nice suits and shoes with a heel and bag that dosnt have half eaten liga and old wipes but isabel said to me the other day that she doent ever want me to go to work i have to stay and mind her!!!! how can i resist that me julia ah u poor thing there is nothing worse than liking a name and it reminding u of someone else esp an old girlfriend!!
happybridefor06 Posts: 305
my dd calls me and dh mammy and daddy nana and granda and i call my mam and dad or ma and da or i always called my nan nanny and granda
pinkbabe Posts: 540
I am 'mam' to 2 small people, I started out as 'mama' when they were babies graduated to 'mammy' when they were about 2 & could say it properly but my latest is 'mam' now they are 5 & 6 They both call my mam 'nan' or 'nana' & my dad has gone from 'wang wa' to grandad now they can both say it clearly :lvs
originalwoowoo Posts: 867
DS is 14 months and has been calling DH Daddy for months, when I point at myself and say Mammy he laughs and says Daddy! Maybe he thinks we are both Daddy! However, we think he has been calling me by my firstname - need to put a stop to that!!
radish Posts: 268
For me Mummy and Daddy, probably Mum/Mom and Dad when he gets older. DH is German and really hoping baby will be bilingual (if I can persude DH to only speak German to him!). They usually say Mama and Papa so I might end up being both Mummy and Mama !
Ferdi Posts: 704
Hi all,Radish I'm the same as you DH is German and we're living here. Hoping also that our little fella will be bilingual so I'll be speaking english only and dh and practically everyone else here German. Reckon I'll probably end up being called Mama and DH Papa, although Mum and Dad could also be a possibility. Actually like it when little kiddies call their mother "Mummy" - just seems so cute, but one think he will not be calling us by our names - my cousins do this and I can't stand it.
Elliecat Posts: 2725
Hopefully mummy and daddy going to Mum and Dad as they get older - this is what we all called my parents. My dh calls his mum Ma, or the Auld doll, which I hate - if he ever calls me either of these in front of the baby, I'll kill him!!!. My Mum refuses to be call granny, so she'll always be nana, but Dad will be granda