What will you be walking down the isle to?

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wifey2be2016 Posts: 52
As the title suggests! What song do you think you will walk to? I am thinking I will have a string trio + soprano singer so was thinking of something instumental as I walk in....maybe Thousand Miles .... (This is the song OH had on in the background when he proposed.) Was also thinking Fix you by Coldplay but this might sound a bit odd!!? Is there a different song playing for the bridesmaids entrance?
craftyPB Posts: 2625
We had Niamh McGlinchey play at our wedding. We walked in to The Battle Hymn of Love. It was beautiful - not a dry eye in the church!
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
We had this discussion the last day at work - i would call the entrance walking up the aisle and the leaving down the aisle! lol. I am picking songs at the moment but our priest is a real stickler for music, i was told to be respectful & that its "not a concert", so baring that in mind, thinking of "You by my side" or "Canon in D" or just get the priest to pick the songs for me :-8 Edited to add this thread - some good choices in here: topic-of-the-day-what-song-will-you-walk-down-the-aisle-to-t405859.html
lorrimar Posts: 837
The entrance song we are having is A Thousand Years by Christina Perri and for walking back down the aisle we are having a slowed down version of Nothing Else Matters by Metallica and then Stuck with You by Huey Lewis and the News. We picked 2 so that it will cover the greeting line as well :)
Veronica Tadman Wedding Singer Posts: 88
I have seen many different entrances. The standard is to have the same music for the entrance of bridesmaids and bride but not always. For example when I was bridesmaid for a friend of mine she had me sing Schubert's 'Ave Maria' as a prelude and then as the Bridesmaids with Groomsmen (it was an American wedding so slightly different) walked up the aisle there was 'Canon in D'. The String Duo then changed to 'Hear Comes the Bride' for her Entrance. I did a wedding a few years back where the Bride and Groom processed out to Bob Marley's 'Sun is Shining', it has always stuck with me as it is slightly different to what I normally get asked to do. I would always check with the Priest when choosing your music as if you are have a religious ceremony some secular music may be inappropriate. Just like Civil ceremonies don't allow religious readings or music. Most priests are fairly OK though with most secular music that is chosen, if you get a good balance then they should be OK. Perhaps have secular choices for processional and signing of the register, and have more sacred choices for during the ceremony (i.e Offertory and Communion if you are having a full mass). Enjoy choosing the music, there is a vast library to choose from. I love getting asked to do different pieces so whoever you choose to perform on the day no doubt will be the same. :-) V x
Lizamajig Posts: 3
We had a string trio for our wedding and they played Halo by Beyonce for the Bridesmaids entrance (3 bridesmaids + 2 flower girls) and I walked up the ailse to One Thousand Miles by Christina Perry. We walked down the ailse as husband and wife to Pharrell Williams Happy :) As long as the music means something to you use it because for everyone else at the wedding music is music! Enjoy!