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realta Posts: 820
H2B has been offered redunancy or a job in North America the company view it as a permanent move, we'd like to go for a year, but then H2B would have to find a new job with a new company if he takes redundancy he might struggle to get a job in Dublin so we could also try moving to London where we have some family and friends already and there would be slightly more job opportunities we really want to start a family next year and we're just trying to make the best decision we can
mommylicious Posts: 836
If it was me I'd be gone tomorrow, I'd love to have the opportunity to move abroad and work. But that's just me.
Cinnabon Posts: 2626
I'd be inclined to take up the US offer.
MinnietheMinx Posts: 2396
If starting a family is your priority really think about how you would handle pregnancy/ first year as a mum without your family (if you move to the US) and without your family in Ireland (if you move to the UK) We spent a year in Oz and I loved it but couldn't imagine having a child over there without my mum, sister and best friend for support. You might love it without them though! It's a tough decision to make but just think about what will make you happiest in the long run
buddylove Posts: 3288
Thats a tough one... nice to get sponsored and live in America legally tho... I'd be inclined to take it. (and Im a home bird).. You'd never know.. ye might LOVE it.. And maybe by next yr there would be opportunities in his area of employment. When your'e able to come and go freely it is a massive bonus. But it does all depend on your priorities for the near to medium term future.
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
So after the year in the States could your OH stay with that company? Or is it only a guaranteed job for a year? [quote:x95myr99]the company view it as a permanent move, we'd like to go for a year, but then H2B would have to find a new job with a new company [/quote:x95myr99] Even so I think there are more employment opportunities there anyway. Things are so bleak here at present. Once you have children you'll feel added pressure and be less likely to take that leap of faith or try it out. Go now. You can always come back home or head to the UK if it doesn't work out.
AliceCullen Posts: 1408
If we were in that situation I know we'd be living in the states! I think now would be the time to go as you don't have any children yet and your hubby would still have a job. I think it'd definately be worth spending a year out there anyway before the family comes along.
nissi Posts: 683
I picked North America. I would jump at the chance to live there. Opportunities (sp) dont come along like this every day so grab it with both hands. As another poster said if things dont work out you can always come home. Lucky you, wish i was faced with that decision
Sodapop Posts: 3220
Tough decision! You need to weigh up the pros and cons. Sorry not much help here - I would have a million things going through my head if it was me.....
lolabelle Posts: 3311
I will always answer GO GO GO GO!!!!! :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: You won't regret it!