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pixiebell Posts: 739
HI all I've picked my wedding dress and put the deposit down...eight weeks later i get a phone call saying that the same was a once of!! I wanted a one with straps as i am not big enough for a boob tube and wouldn't feel comfortable in it Now i have (2) options..either take the sample dress and get it taken down a size which has straps or order it in without straps and try and get some straps put on! the lady in the shop is very nice but just wondering what would yous do....i really love the dress :o(
Groovy-Chick Posts: 2383
Hmmm you paid a deposit thinking that you were getting a new dress right?? Well I think if I loved the dress a lot, if it was MY dress and I couldnt get it anywhere else I would prob take it but I would want one hell of a discount on it! Is she offering you any discount at all?
dr9 Posts: 54
would it be easy enough to copy the straps? if so then go with ordering it in in your size. if not, a dress being taken down one size is really not a problem toand good dressmaker, and you also would have it sized oerfectly for you. another bonus is the shop should also then sell you the dress for alot less as it is a sample dress!
allotta Posts: 856
[quote="wee_lady":228eojsr]Hmmm you paid a deposit thinking that you were getting a new dress right?? Well I think if I loved the dress a lot, if it was MY dress and I couldnt get it anywhere else I would prob take it but I would want one hell of a discount on it! Is she offering you any discount at all?[/quote:228eojsr] is take the dress n get it altered only if there was a huge discount, ud b buyin a sample dress after all, or u cud look elsewere for the same dress
jack sprat Posts: 204
stupid question i know but how do you know its a one off, have u sourced it yourself online? i find it hard to believe that anyone is selling a dress they can no longer buy ? otherwise i'd leave it and just start again, chances are it'll still be there if you change your mind. i had at one stage decided on a sample dress, but little snags that i hadnt noticed became big problems and it was too much hassle, i left it with them, got my money back and found an even nicer dress. good luck !
redroses Posts: 714
If you decide to take the sample dress, alterations will not be a problem i should think depending on a good dressmaker. However the lady in the shop should be willing to give you a good discount. Why has it taken her 8 weeks to get back to you? Should she not of known this when she went to order the dress or very soon after? good look with your choice.
pixiebell Posts: 739
yeah i looked on line and it doesn't have straps.... she never mentioned anything about a discount so i'm not to sure...it's the maggie sottero joelle one if u want a look. it's just so annoying as i thought i had it all sorted!! She did mention that the dress sample only came in in November but that still is 5 months. Suppose i'd have to look at it in a lot of detail for flaws?
dub2010 Posts: 378
[img:11x70y0v]http://www.mariamodes.com/bridalgowns/maggiesottero/2008/joelle.jpg[/img:11x70y0v] is this ur dress is doesnt have straps did the one u tried on have straps?? its not very professional of them ringing u 8 weeks later. if u are taking the sample dress make sure u get a huge discount of her fab dress byt the way :o)ll
redroses Posts: 714
It's beside the point if the dress came in last nov or last month its still a sample dress and she should give you a discount due to this. I dont see what the problem would be for her to order you the strapless dress and say a yard of extra material and then she could have the dress maker she uses make you a set of straps for the dress. I ordered a couple extra yards of material with my dress last year to make a few extra bits, if i remember correctly it was taffeta material that i ordered and it was almost €60 a yard. Shes been anything but professional in her treatment of you, taking 8 weeks to contact you is just plain stupid. Edited to add i love your choice of dress and i hope it works out, be firm with this lady and stand up to her.You would think she would bebending over backwards for you and glad of the business in these times.
Sarah2011 Posts: 20
Hi Guys, I'm a long time lurker but first time poster to this site. Getting married in Jan 2011. More importantly, I am a (very recent) former bridal shop employee - I won't say which one - but have now gone back to college! You guys might find me useful from time to time! Anyway.... my point is that the shop I used to work in stocked Maggie Sottero dresses and had this dress - it's gorgeous by the way, one of her nicest!!! I couldn't not reply when I saw your post and pic of the dress! It does come with straps (lovely beaded ones if I recall correctly) and is definately not a once-off dress, anything still on the maggie website is fully reorderable from a recognised seller. If you want to buy the sample dress, make sure it fits you or is easily altered. Also check for missing beads and ask for spares in case any come off if you get it cleaned. A dress that has been a sample in the shop for five months, even if in great condition, should mean that you get a significant discount. Ask for this sooner rather than later! If you want a new one and have left yourself enough time to order and the shop is unwilling to order it, contact another maggie retailer who i'm sure will be more than happy to have your business! Hope this is of some help! Sarah