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moanna Posts: 1081
Ok Hotel has quoted me a room rate for night of wedding of 150 quid. Said they could not move on it. One of my friends just emailed to say he has booked the hotel on the internet (not hotel website) for 100 quid so I went on and booked all the rooms for BMs & parents at the cheaper rate. I also text my close friends and family to tell them to book it now. But now I just remembered something about having to guarentee you take 15 rooms the night of the wedding in the contract? I am not sure where I stand now??? What do ye think ? Can they make me take 15 rooms at 150 quid when theya re available on the net for 100??
SunnyK Posts: 3834
I would say it depends if it's in the contracts? If you have signed contracts that say the room rates are €150 and you've agreed to take 15 then I'd say they will fight you on it - but by all means fight back and say this is meant to be a "special rate" but yet people can get it cheaper on the net.
Kickasswife Posts: 4051
Chance your arm.... :xxx
moanna Posts: 1081
Ya i think you are right. they are some shower alright :o( :o( no way am I paying 150 for 15 rooms when they can be got now for 100.
Kickasswife Posts: 4051
Let us know! :o)ll :o)ll
mrswifey2012 Posts: 2042
TBH, I'd be straight onto the hotel about this! That's scandalous IMO. All the money and business you are giving to this hotel for your Wedding Day and they're trying to cheat your guests out of even more money?!?! Forget about it, I'd let them know you're less than impressed!!
happyfamily Posts: 3323
Ya I'd contact the wedding coordinator and tell her that you have booked your hotel rooms but have gone for the cheaper internet rate and that most of your guests will-you're still occupying the hotel and at the reduced price they're still making a profit so I think it's perfectly reasonable
Bellisima Posts: 3583
Jasper had similar issues with her hotel. Id get straight onto the general manager to complain about this! Its a farce dont see how they can make you pay for more expensive rooms.
moanna Posts: 1081
ok so just read the terms and conditions of the contract. it says under complimentary - 15 bedrooms held at agreed wedding rate and B & G need to submit the names 3 weeks in advance but are liable if rooms are not filled if names have been given to hotel. it doesnt actually say you have to take 15 rooms so i think i am off the hook. :o)ll the gas thing is they have a 'clause' in the contract to say that rooms may be availabe cheaper on certain websites but hotel are not responsible for matching this rate!!! Also says that there are no more than 2 rooms available for any one night at these rates which is BS I booked 5 rooms today and I know at least 3 more who have booked at this rate. also one of my friends booked through the hotel at the cheeper rate and receptionist says oh are you going to the wedding that day!!! so its not only through these website the rooms are cheaper!!! but if you go onto hotel website price is 150 euro!! they are some shower of gangsters but this is only one of the many issues i am having with them. :o( Imagine the cheek to offer me 150 quid as a wedding rate!!!