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moanna Posts: 1081
so i hate my job and basically went into a website a few days ago and saw a job that im really interested in. better money ect. at the mo we are TCC and current job pays full matenity leave and i could possibly get up to a year off. tcc for about 5 months now and nothing happening. i asked agency if new job pays mat leave and they dont know and its not exactly something u can ask at an interview! i sent off CV yesterday and now my head is wrecked as if i got new job i cant exactly swan off after a few months if i do get pregnant or if i got pregnant over next few weeks. im 35 soon so time is not on my side. not sure what to do becuase it may not happen for a while and then im stuck in current job and a good opportunity has been missed. also dont want to miss out on paid mat leave but im not sure how much longer i can stick it out. jayses me head is wrecked!
Bride2be040812 Posts: 1182
I would say just relax and let it happen if it happens. It's a really difficult climate out there at the moment for jobs. I've applied for 10 or so in the last few months and I havent even heard back from one of them! You just never know about these things. There are just so many people applying for jobs at the moment that you may be stressing yourself out over nothing. I know that's not very optimistic but if its meant to be then they will call you for interview and you can think about the logistics then and make a decision! HTH!
moanna Posts: 1081
i know im such a worrier! spoke to my BFF last night and she said the same. just really stressed at the mo at work and i feel trapped TBH like i have no life and nothing i do is good enough. if i had magic wand i would be pregnant and looking forward to gettin out of the shithole for a year which would get me through for another few months! O:o)
MrsAmy Posts: 983
Personally, I don't think I'd risk losing full-pay mat leave PLUS a whole year off...that time is so precious and it's so important not to feel under pressure about work and money... You may not like what you do but it sure sounds like decent enough package... :-/
Bride2be040812 Posts: 1182
I know Bali - it must be really difficult but stressing over it will not help you get pregnant either. It'll all come in good time and then you can have all of it!! x
moanna Posts: 1081
thats the problem the package is too good but work and pressure is shite. but i supoose are you ever goimg to get a great package and a job you love. the jobs i loved were shite money, no benifis, too far away ect. its hard to find one that ticks al the boxes!
mayogalinwales Posts: 129
I would say go ahead and apply for the job. If they make you an offer you can ask about maternity leave and other benefits and make a decision then - if you get the job you don't have to take it, but you will have options. And who knows, by then you may be pregnant! :-) Good luck with it all! x
belcra Posts: 1097
Go ahead and apply for the job. I'm in a similar situation to you too and looking elsewhere regardless. You could go the whole way to offer stage of the new job and turn it down if the offer isn't good enough, doesn't have mat leave or whatever so don't worry at all. Companies are taking ages to make decisions at the moment anyway. I'd apply and just keep your options open. Best of luck with it.
moanna Posts: 1081
so agency rang me yesterday evening and said company are very impressed with my CV and want to meet me monday!!! holy shit. didnt think the ball would get rolling so fast. still in a heap. will really miss 3 good friends at current position but hate the day to day crap. told oh and he said what about TCC.
mrswifey2012 Posts: 2042
Congrats bali! Great news! I know where your OH is coming from but it won't do any harm going for the interview and seeing how you get on and hopefully what they can offer you. Best of Luck.