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Dolally Posts: 394
Mulled wine, house cocktails or sparkling wine on arrival! December wedding!
sydneyfox Posts: 177
Mulled wine is my least favourite of the three. A good cocktail is always welcome! :o0
MrsH2014 Posts: 34
I would go for Mulled Wine ohhhh yummy!!!!!!!! :o)ll
miss2016 Posts: 2
For a winter wedding I would definetely choose the mulled wine option O-O
KarBW Posts: 52
I am getting married in December and I am having half mulled wine and half sparkling wine. Mulled wine a must in my opinion!!
Dolally Posts: 394
I like the idea of half and half KarBW did that incur and extra fee?
Jenron Posts: 259
I agree mulled wine is a must for a December wedding, I just love it!! The half sparkling wine/half mulled wine that another post mentioned sounds like a good option (if it doesn't cost you anymore) as it will cater for most people's tastes.
AryaStark Posts: 62
I got married December 2013 and went for half mulled wine/half sparkling wine. Didn't cost anything extra.
Kerryp12 Posts: 58
Ohhhh, I'd go cocktails, whatever the season! All sound lovely though!
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
Mulled wine O-O