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Sarah4 Posts: 309
Hi All, I see there are a lot of people on here who have already had their weddings. So I am just wondering what / if anything would you do differently? Im in two minds over some things already so looking for some feedback! My venue provides chair covers for the reception but not the ceremony which I hadn't planned on buying and my Mum is saying the chairs are horrible and I need the covers granted the look nice with the cover and I agree they aren't the nicest but will anyone really care/notice when they are sitting on them! Its for 20/30 mins! We also cut desert from our meal as its a pay per course and who eats the desert? We are having a nice cake so going to cut and serve that earlier? I have a band, DJ, Video and photog. Its a small country house wedding only about 70 people at it and we are trying to keep it to a tight budget so I don't want to be spending money I don't have on things that really no one will notice.
AoifeCork Posts: 73
Hi there! Just curious about your chair covers..?! I do a lot of civil ceremonies and all the chairs have always been dressed as they would be for the meal. Is there any way of having a chat with your co-ordinator about this. Tatty chairs are something you do NOT want in your photos. Have a chat with whoever is organizing and tell them it will be a major headache for you to source other covers and you're not crazy about how they look undressed-especially for a wedding ceremony. I'm sure they will oblige... as 99% of hotels, do in my experience... Hope this helps!
Bmaris Posts: 37
I'd think it's a little strange re the chair covers too, usually if they're supplied for the meal they would be for the ceremony aswell. And something to look out for re cake /dessert. Make sure that they don't want to charge you to cut and plate your cake , several hotels do if you leave out the dessert, my BFs hotel were looking €6.50 per person to cut and plate the cake . Now she was using it as dessert and not just using it with the afters food but it's something to consider.
Lorna Doone Posts: 737
Nearly broke into a sweat when I read no dessert. But I think using the cake for dessert is a brilliant idea. I hate seeing a lovely cake going to waste, cut up beside a tray of cocktail sausages at the afters. Folk ignore it or drunkenly stuff down their chops. Much better to have it after the meal. As a wedding guest, food between the ceremony & dinner (usually when couple are doing photos) is always welcome!
Sarah4 Posts: 309
It's 1.50 to serve it so much cheaper then desert anyway! And at least my cake gets eaten then! The last wedding I was at people started to get up and leave before the desert so it was such a waste. The ceremony is in a different building with different chairs etc i asked about the hotel doing it for free and she told me they rent to covers so unless there was another event on the same weekend there was nothing she could do! :( Although I guess tatty chairs in pictures does not sound nice! Is this a battle I may concede! I have been told not to do the camera on the table thing as you end up with 80% rubbish shots and it costs a fortune to get them developed.
AoifeCork Posts: 73
Ah that explains that then :/ You could try and get them second hand... par example... And developing cameras does cost a fortune... A wedding I was recently at just had a massive picture frame in front of a white wall with a banner saying "Sound Advice" over it. One of the guests had an iPad which he recorded clips of people giving nice messages with. Reaaaally simple idea but everyone got a great laugh out of it. A cheap and cheerful alternative to photobooths, etc. Thought it was a fab idea!!!
craftyPB Posts: 2625
We're doing I spy on the tables, so there's a list of different shots to take, different list on each table. Things like 'the bride and her mum' 'the groom playing with his ring' 'the bride and groom holding hands' 'a kiss' 'dancing' etc. We've also given our wedding email address, so people with use their own cameras and email us the photos.... We're cutting our cake and serving it at the drinks reception and also at the evening reception. Our venue is obsessed with their food, so all courses have to be left in - no negotiating! But we're find with that - food is important to us. Along with the cake at the drinks reception we'll be serving my maternal grandmother and his maternal grandmother's signature bakes, to include that side of our families history... Things I've really noticed at weddings are the personal touches, well worth the effort in my opinion...
Dolally Posts: 394
Cutting the cake at drinks reception!! Genius!!
Sarah4 Posts: 309
Cake at reception is a good idea.! Are you all having food between the ceremony and Diner? My ceremony will be over at about 3.30/4 and diner is usually at 7? I have arranged scones with jam & butter and homemade cookies .. so I need to think about actual "food" aswell?