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cinderbride Posts: 12
a man has asked me on a sight +not this one+ to meet up with him now he is nice and we get on weel and have speak alot to him i just don't know if to meet him or not. and by the way i am single to.
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
I wouldnt dream of meeting up with someone from a sight but some actually fall for eachother and everything works out.If you really want to meet him make sure its a very public place and tell people when and where you are meeging this guy and have your phone with you-god i hope im not scarying you.....sorry :oops:
tarvalon Posts: 142
No opinion whether you should meet him or not but if you decide to then make sure you meet in a very public place, don't give him your address etc... It's up to you whether you think it's a risk or not but just be as safe as possible.
Heflen Posts: 4050
Too many jokes....head about to explode....
mrs mouse Posts: 251
i diffo think you should meet him. I know a girl here at work that met her boyf through a site, and they are still together madly in love. Best thing to do is though, meet in a very public place, and make sure you tell people what your plans are and where you'll be meeting him, it's just to be safe that's all, bet he's really nice - but you won't know till you go! please let me know how you get on! Good luck!!
02JuneBride2006 Posts: 314
I have met people like this before. Many years ago when I was young and foolish :D If you do decide, all I can say is I agree with the others. Pick somehwere public, a bar, in front of a shop, a park etc. Pick somewhere you are familiar with (in case you dont feel comfortable you can make a quick exit). Tell a friend where you are, and text them the details if you decide to move from there. You might think this is being over cautious, but it should put you mind at rest. Most of all, enjoy yourself. And best of luck.
b2bleigh Posts: 151
Best of luck with meeting the guy, ive never tried this myself and dont know anyone who has to be honest. Can I ask why ur posting as cinderbride if ur not a bride at all? just curious not judging u or anything
Sparklymum Posts: 1563
Talk to Mrs Me, she's after marrying the man she met on a website. Her whole diary and story is on simply weddings website. I've met up with someone on a site at one stage too. Make sure you go to a public place, make sure somebody knows where your going and who your meeting, if possible have them in the background till your confident about your situation. But I don't think its any different than meeting someone in a nightclub, as a matter of fact you might find that you know more about the person from chatting on site than you would someone you met in a nightclub. Some people might think it odd, scary but the truth of it is, if a guy is going to lie and tell you he's single (if married/engaged) a millionaire (broke) or anything like that he can do it as easily to your face as online. And many a wife has been beaten/killed by a man she knew personally since her schooldays.
cinderbride Posts: 12
i tought i was funny cinderella never went to the ball cinderbride?? cinder-bride get it?
buddingmrs Posts: 322
I wouldnt mention this site to him if i were you :wink: