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pixiebell Posts: 739
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Your boss doesn't sound very discreet! I would reiterate to him that there is no tension between you or any of the women in your office, but you wished for it to be kept secret as it was a sensitive issue.
pixiebell Posts: 739
aston Posts: 4100
So so sorry to hear about your loss. I cannot believe your boss told the other girl in the office and is nearly making you feel guilty about not telling the older woman. This behaviour is totally unprofessional. Tell your boss that as you said before it is a very personal matter and you dont want to discuss it anymore and do not want anyone else in the office knowing. I am so sorry for you as I know from my own m/c it is a very hard time and you need time to deal with it. Hope you ok
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pixiebell Posts: 739
brightling Posts: 1496
So sorry to hear of your loss pixiebell. I had a m/c in April and it sucks. Hope you are doing ok. :action32 I cant believe your boss told the girl in your office, especially after you asked her not to say anything. I think you will just have to bit the bullet and have it out with her. You should be able to tell her things in confidence without worrying about who else will find out.
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