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Decisions11 Posts: 1246
After alot of twisting my arm to have a hen (really didn't want one) my sister & I set about asking people. The hotel was booking up quick with only triple rooms or double (sharing a bed left) so I pencilled in a few triples. Anyway have gotten lame excuses of a few of my BFs who I thought would be there in a heart beat. and there is this girl that I used to work with years ago. We kept in contact over email etc. She was asking me was I having a hen. Me being Me, never thought it out and blabbed everything to her and said your more then welcome to come along.. to which I got yep defo I'll be there.. I really didn't think she would as she is always going on how broke she is.. Anyway, this morning I got an email from her, basically saying she wants to share a room with me as she won't know anyone (she doesn't know anyone) I wanted to share a triple with my 2 BFs that are coming. I know if I share a room with her we'll be up all night taking about HER problems & issues etc.. which I really don't want to do.. hard enough reading some of her emails sometimes.. The amount of people who haven't even gotten back to me either, leaves the whole thing up in the air, and now this is the cherry on the cake really.. I couldn't sleep last night thinking about it all and now wondering what you would do? I am thinking of somehow (not sure how to tell people aka that girl really) that its just going to be sisters & a few close friends as rooms where booking up and I got turned off the idea of a hen.. ekk I dunno what to do...
peacockgirl Posts: 1312
I think the best thing to do is to reply to her email in a really really bright and breezey tone and say something like - I'm really sorry but I will be sharing with my bridemaids as they are organising everything for me but don't worry at all I'll put you in a room with someone lovely and sure we won't be in the room much at all anyway. You've got to be happy on your own hen. Don't get into a big apology just short and to the point without being rude iykwim? If she decides she doesn't want to go anymore then that's up to her...
Little L Posts: 163
I agree with teaching bride, let her know that you'll be sharing with your BF's. I think you should be with the people closest to you on such an important weekend. You could ask her if she'd like to bring a friend if she would be uncomfortable not knowing anyone else, or put her with someone really friendly. Just be straight with her I guess.
ciaraella Posts: 5323
I'd agree with teaching bride, just say that your sharing with BM's and don't get any more into it. If it doesn't suit her she may not come, and if she does sure it's only a night in a room with someone you don't know, and if you're having a few drinks and a late night you won't be in the room that long!
paperclips Posts: 3146
I know you really want to share with your two BFs but I think you need to take into consideration that this girl, who actually is making the effort to come to your hen, really doesnt know anyone and maybe you should have her share with you. If it was me and I didnt know anyone who was going to the hen, I probably wouldnt go. Would you consider asking her to bring a friend with her so she wont be on her own, that way she'll have someone to share with?
Urban Fairy Posts: 3987
3 girls went on my hens (of 28 girls) who didnt know anyone else. I mentioned to them that they could bring someone with them and they all declined. I put the 3 of them in the same room (after mentioning it to them first), and went for a drink with the 3 of them before the hen so they could meet.. maybe a bit beyond the call of duty on my part but I wanted them to be comfortable with eachother. I prefer the above answers of just telling her you want to share with your BM's, but if she was going into a double or triple room with your other pals, maybe ask those pals and her out for a drink or around for a coffee to meet up. I've shared with a stranger before and it didnt bother me in the slightest and I specifically told the bride-to-be not to worry who she pairs me up with (within reason).
Decisions11 Posts: 1246
Ok not to be really bad but this is the kinda girl who has zero friends... (she is not the most friendist person in the world and tends to cling onto just one person - the reason why she has no friends) I kept in contact with her to be nice etc but I am used more as a venting/ranting machine for her issues.. I honestly haven't seen her in years and we make no effort to ever meet each other. To me it would be strange seeing her.. TBH I am really just thinking of cancelling the whole thing and just going away with my sisters and my close friend. Not only because of this girl but also because of the fact no one can give me an answer if they are coming or it clashes with a concert or something!! I felt like rubbish last night after inviting H2b "wags" (I put a thread in let off steam) I just really wish I hadn't invited them, especially when 2 went on about their hen party plans and it was very clear that I wasn't invited to that..
Jawl Posts: 8881
Do whatever suits you. Change it to just close friends and family if you don't want the wags or this annoying girl there.
Decisions11 Posts: 1246
[quote="Jawl":25vd326l]Do whatever suits you. Change it to just close friends and family if you don't want the wags or this annoying girl there.[/quote:25vd326l] Yea think I will. Can't be doing with all the unnecessary drama..
lux Posts: 6270
I'm half thinking of not bothering with a hen party. I'm not into fuss about hen parties anyway, and was doing one more at the urging of my friends. Now that I've got around to organising it the amount of "Oh, will SHE be going, cos you know we don't get on" and "I'll have to leave after the meal, I've no money" etc, etc, etc has ticked me off. I think me, mum and sis (BM) might have a day of beauty instead. Sorry to hijack this, I've had a particularly p!ssy morning of this nonsense.