What would you expect at evening party??

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GalwayDubBride Posts: 177
Ok we are having immediate family to ceremony and meal then 200 approx invites out for evening recption. We have evening entertainment booked Fire breathers, Band and dj, and evening food of Sandwiches, sausages, goujons, Tea/Coffee and Cake. But the inlaws think we should have a buffet to great guests. We think it would be a waste of money as everyone will arrive at different times being typically irish. and our entertainment was planned to be starting around the 8.30/8.45pm time so most guests would be there to see it, then into cutting of cake for people to get a photo op if they want to and then first dance and party on from there. Is this ok?? my head is wrecked with do this do that.
Rose673 Posts: 19
I think your dead right....buffet would be waste of money as you said people arrive whenever they want! Never can say when people arrive unless you state they will get buffet on arrival on their invites? Than they will be there with bells on!! We are having Fish and Chip Cones for late food as thought it was nice idea and something different. We have ordered for 11pm and whoever is there will get some and whoever isn't wont!
BernieandMark Posts: 105
We are getting married abroad (small wedding of about 50 guests) . We are having a party the week after we come home for anyone that could not make or we couldn't afford to invite to the wedding (wider cirle of friends, neighbours etc) . The party is in a function room in a local hotel and their package includes finger food (sandwiches , cocktail sausages, goujans etc) and DJ but my parents are trying to get me to put on a full meal !!!!! for all people going to that party. I have told them that finger food is provided as it it doesn't start until 9:30pm I am not putting on a meal for everyone ... am I being unreasonable ??? O:|
mrsb2b2014 Posts: 283
I'm exactly the same as you girls! We are getting married abroad with 120 people, and our party is going to have up to 300 and my parents want us to do a buffet! I think exactly the same as you, the party is just that - a party and while we would love to treat our guests, I think they would expect finger food only? Plus we havent won the lotto just yet so I can see us splashing out on lots of food that will go to waste? On another note, are you girls decorating as if its a wedding party? I would prefer to put our money into that and our band and dj to make the night one to remember. Are you getting a photographer? And sending formal invites too? Sorry for all the questions im just relieved im not the only one worrying about this!
GalwayDubBride Posts: 177
Oh that is such good news to me. We've had nothing but grief from the in laws to have the big day, change certain things about the day, and we just dont want it. I had to put my foot down we have done enough stuff done their way and its not like their paying for the day we our and have never asked for their help over that last 10 years. We are decorating the room a bit i.e table centrepieces but no chaircovers.
GalwayDubBride Posts: 177
Oh and about the photographer, iv'e ours booked to do the whole day until 1st dance as i want photos of our guests who come to afters, they will mingle and snap away, we have our video booked till band finish, after that i dont need to see as i'll expect a few drinks will be had by most guests at that stage and i'd probaly be editing it out anyways to make it respectable to send to relatives without :-8
GalwayDubBride Posts: 177
BernieandMark Posts: 105
We are sending out "evening invitations" for the party at home and the hotel are good enough to decorate the room as if it was a full wedding.
Buddycat Posts: 109
As an evening guest I wouldn't be expecting a full meal/Buffet. Sure at that stage I'd have had my dinner, gotten ready and headed out. Nice fingerfood is always appreciated but I wouldn't put the extra expense on yourselves when most people will eat before they come!