What would you love to do if you won some money?

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Butterfly16 Posts: 37
Was just thinking about this when I couldn't sleep last night - I would love to clear any bills and look after my family etc but I would also love to get teeth implants to give me back a proper smile - I had a bad fall when I was 17 and knocked out front tooth and did damage to other teeth so have a denture ever since - would just love to be able to get it done and I know it would give me back a lot of confidence - also I would love to bring my mam off for the day and buy her a wardrobe of new clothes - my parents have always struggled for money and mam always went without and has gone from a size 16 to size 8 due to bad health but a lot of her clothes don't fit now so I know it would give her a huge boost. Maybe some day :-)
PussyGalore Posts: 3388
Oh I love these threads! Shopping day out with the mum sounds good alright. Depends how much it is but if it was a few thousand I'd fly a few of my friends out to see us. If it was €100 I'd blow it on shoes!
expecting no3 Posts: 623
Funny U should say that butterfly coz my teeth would be my top priority. Id get them all Americanised, pearly whites and a dazzling smile :D Im pretty self conscious about mine too. Id buy a house for each of my children to set them up and clear all my sisters' mortgage. Id also like to buy a big mansion and give each homeless person a key to it and say, this is your new home. That's if it was a huge jackpot :)that would be my charitable contribution from it.
MrQ Posts: 1085
I remember the family in the UK who won £96m and the daughter said "can we afford a pizza tonight?" Ah bless her little heart. I'd like to look after my family, friends and future. I wouldn't tell my partner straight away rather I'd plan a getaway to London so she could get a Tiffany engagement/wedding ring. Also, apparently, she would need an outfit and new purse/handbag to go to the expensive shopping first so she would go to BTs first to get clobber before going abroad to London/New York. Whereas I'd get the Bank to increase my credit card limit and get some boys toys for both of us overnighted from the Apple Ireland website. Lol
candlequeen Posts: 991
Teeth would be pretty high on my list too. If we're talking a couple of hundred grand, I'd buy our house, build on another two rooms, then I'd book that holiday you can get to Norway to see the Northern Lights & stay in a Log Cabin. I'd book driving lessons, and buy myself a small car. Then I'd put a few thousand into three accounts for the kids. I'd give the rest to hubby to do whatever he wanted with, minus a thousand for me to spend on frivolous rubbish. Ahhhh, daydreams :)
Luka Posts: 1904
Hey Butterfly, Teeth would be the first thing with me too, lost a tooth at the side of my smile line (4th tooth back) very obvious when I smile. Like you it's ruined my confidence as even if I smile slightly it's visible & ruins photos. If it was lots of money, I'd be paying my parents back for all they have done for me. A holiday to France (next summer) would be next. Oh I could go on & on..... :hyper:
lorraine78 Posts: 988
I'm also going for teeth, have had braces on twice and still hate them. If I won an obscene amount,I'd buy a big plot of land and build a big animal sanctuary and look after all our furry friends that nobody wanted.
ianstuart Posts: 1947
I should get braces and some day i will :o0 but for all the girls who would want new teeth , mu mum had a gap in her front teeth and she spent thousands getting new teeth (had to be done for my wedding :o0 ) and she never looked back. They are so nice on her and she was so confident in all the pics of the wedding. So girls my advice is get a jar and put whatever you can in every week . My mum got hers done in her 50s so its never too late to start saving. If i had hundred of thousands / millions ill pay for everyone's houses and set up saving accounts for all my nieces and nephews so that they cant get any money till they finish college. Holidays for all the family and hopefully when all that is done just hope for health and happiness.
SGirl Posts: 2542
If I won millions: Pay of the mortgage and my families too Send hubby off to buy the car of his dreams Book a cruise Hire a cleaner Quit work Join the gym and go there every day instead of work- bliss Go clothes shopping Hire a handyman to fix all the broken things in the house Get the whole house decorated/new kitchen/bathroom- the works Give money to the hospice/ cancer research/ amnesty international If I won a smallish sum Go clothes shopping Hire a handyman to fix all the broken things in the house :-8
wollysocks Posts: 1773
Well like most people I would first look after parents, family and friends. Big party would be in order. Then both my hubby and I would probably become full-time students and change careers- follow our hearts- regardless if it paid less than previous jobs. But before the study, we would take at least a year off to travel around the world with kids in tow- maybe not the world in one go but a fair few places. We would visit family and friends abroad and maybe fly out other family and friends ( and a babysitter!) to meet us at some really cool places....that would be the dream....