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lovelyb2b Posts: 733
Ok all Thinking of one of these two for first dance song [url:27w6rvz3]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5inkUAmkglE[/url:27w6rvz3] or then there is this one [url:27w6rvz3]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fC04ZZploBE[/url:27w6rvz3] Please help me :wv
jenr Posts: 313
I love wonderful tonight, i already have my first dance but want to play that next!!
kittypurry Posts: 897
i picked westlife but i'm a massive fan so i'm probably being biased :o0
14082010 Posts: 2103
Lovelyb2b, Definitely Eric Clapton :lvs Really special and romantic song :wv
lovelyb2b Posts: 733
A thanks all yeah I really like that song too :lvs Thanks all who replied your v good. Where would I be without this site. :wv
Starbar2010 Posts: 1261
I love Westlife and picked that. But for the majority of people Wonderful tonight would be their choice
hollywoodbride Posts: 1341
I :lvs :lvs :lvs Wonderful tonight its so beautiful
bride2010 Posts: 288
definately wonderfull tonight fantastiic song
lovelyb2b Posts: 733
Thanks all who voted and took time to look at post. :wv
wedded bliss Posts: 303