What would you rather see your man wear on the day?

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Trooper Posts: 2155
cravat [img:3ed83jkr]http://www.tomsawyerwaistcoats.co.uk/webupload/TSAWYER/SMALL/readytiedcravatsm.jpg[/img:3ed83jkr] Bow tie [img:3ed83jkr]http://www.tomsawyerwaistcoats.co.uk/webupload/TSAWYER/SMALL/bowtie-sparke-sm.jpg[/img:3ed83jkr] scrunchie tie/ruche [img:3ed83jkr]http://www.tomsawyerwaistcoats.co.uk/webupload/TSAWYER/SMALL/selftiescrunchie.jpg[/img:3ed83jkr] jabot / european [img:3ed83jkr]http://www.tomsawyerwaistcoats.co.uk/webupload/TSAWYER/SMALL/readytiedjabot.jpg[/img:3ed83jkr] normal tie [img:3ed83jkr]http://www.tomsawyerwaistcoats.co.uk/webupload/TSAWYER/SMALL/ts161omn.jpg[/img:3ed83jkr] (apologies for the ugly waistcoat here, but i'm sure you all know what a normal tie looks like anyway!! :o0 ) No tie Personnally, i prefer the ruche (sp?) things. Love them...
Singstar Posts: 323
I love the scrunchie too.
NotHere Posts: 10273
I voted bow tie, because tuxedos are sooooo sexy :wv
bumpedy bump Posts: 736
We went for a scrunchie one. It looked sooooo cute.
mammybean Posts: 10364
i voted cravat but honestly whatever he choses will be fine my me. i mean he isnt getting a say in my dress
hunky_dorey Posts: 2714
Normal tie for me!
tweeness Posts: 340
I've voted for a normal tie because I know that's what he'll be comfortable in!! His job let's him wear jeans and tees every day, and he has to do the black tie thang for awards ceremonies a few times a year, which he HATES, so I'm quite looking forward to seeing him in his regular suit (and brothel creepers!!!)
mammybean Posts: 10364
i will be happy to see himin anything once he is comfy. he can be up there in his fav chords and white shirt once he marries me [size=75:2o3lbw9e]thats a pure lie cos i wouldkill him but u get the drift[/size:2o3lbw9e]
tweeness Posts: 340
Oh, I know what you mean!! The fella suggested he'd wear one of his beloved hawaiian shirts, and not that I'm a bossy cow or owt, but I'm making the effort to look gorgeous on the day, so he's cool with wearing a nice suit (not a monkey one!) For the ceremony itself. He wants to look smart for the day, so he's fine once he knows I'm not making him wear something. If he wants to change into his special shirtage for the afters, bring it on!! It RAWKS!!!!
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
love the scrunchie tie...but h2b is going through a 'black tie' phase...went through a 'kilt phase' before Christmas, so God knows... :o0