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Corks Posts: 355
Hi All, I am on cd 25 of cycle, ovulated on 20th/21st Jan (cd 16/17) - due AF on Sun 4th Feb..... I have (or am imagining.....) loads of symptoms - nausea, cramps, MASSIVE nipples (much to DH amusement) and constipation (sorry if TMI). Now I know these could be symptoms of a lot of things but overall I just don't feel myself.. I would love to do test now but it would probably come up negative anyway....... Your views??? Corks
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
hey corks, i definitely wouldn't test today - at 8dpo, you've a 10% chance of it coming up positive if you are pregnant, not good odds! i'd wait until at least another 4-5 days before testing. as for symtoms, i've had them all (and never being pregnant!) - big nipples, nausea, cramps etc. can all be normal pre-menstrual symptoms, aswell as indicators of pregnancy, so it's such a tough one to call. i know it's hard but try and wait for a while. i hope it's ur month! :wv
lamb nose Posts: 679
I agree with Mrs Peg. Wait until Friday anyway. Get one of those Clearblue early testing kits and do not be tempted to open it until Friday!!
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
Hi corks i know your dying to know but bit to early i thnik wait til nearer 2ww, hope its a BFP
Mrs Neadi* Posts: 1128
better to wait until af is due at least - the crushing dissapointment of a bfn should be avoided as long as you can stand it. I'm only 5DPo and sure i'm already convincing myself I have symtoms while at the same time convincing myself they are not symtoms :o0 Wait until ou are due af. that would be my opinion.