What you need for church re decorations etc?

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Weddingloon Posts: 445
Hi girls, not sure where best to post this but just wondering what I need for church. The flowers/decorations are sorted (my aunt's a brilliant florist thank God) but I know the unity candle and tapers, guest book??, anything else?? Thanks a mill. This site is amazing, I'd be a nervous wreck without it!!!
xcited bride Posts: 359
sounds like ya have everything covered.. alot of people putting guestbook in hotel now, maybe in pre reception room as more poeple see it and have time to sign it.. bay trees if ya want them but your aunt is prop covering that.. i dont think you need anything else, you sound very organised
Weddingloon Posts: 445
Could you put the guest book in both maybe or would that look stupid? I know some people get to it when they're waiting to get out of the church or whatever and then if people haven't signed it, it wouldn't have vanished for the rest of the day, they'd still get a chance???