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sunflowergalcork Posts: 481
AHHHH! If one more person says 'ull be next' or 'its bout time u got moving'. we just had our second wedding anniversary and it has opened flood gates. This issue causes major probs for us as a couple- im so overweight, was v depresses for a while. and my dh is mad for kids. im hoping to lose weight before we start. but im yearning. im sick of laughing off comments and saying things like. oh i love my sleep too much,oh we have loads of time. blah blah. so i think next timeill say "actually i think ure right, it is time for us. but u know what im too fat and my husband might just leaveme if i dont get it sorted and we havea baby. oh yeah and everytime i see a baby. i feel like crying" let them sweat for a while. ok rant over sorrym just feel very upset and im hormonal AF due tmor.
Painter2 Posts: 218
Oh I'd love to see someone face if you said that!!!! Would be excellent. I found out the hard way that people say these type of things to u thinking it's ok. Truth is, nobody ever knows what's going on with a couple and they can hit a nerve. Just try ignore them as best u can. Or, tell them where to go! Everyone needs a rant!
funkyfish Posts: 7626
say it!! that'll shut them up. people have no common sense, some people are trying for years so hard to have a wee bundle and can;'t and it must be heartbreaking every time some idiot says it... one girl said to me when i told all at work i was preggers.. was it planned... i said "thats the rudest thing anyone has ever said to me. i got married in dec ,preggers in feb, will be on Ml for 11 months you figure out if it was planned" aggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh O:| O:|
mrsbrowneyedgirl28 Posts: 820
Some people are just so clueless aren't they. Nobody knows what's going on for a couple behind closed doors. Rant away hon- I had one on here yesterday and best of luck :babydust: x
Tess72 Posts: 1173
Even if "was it planned" came into my head I would never, ever say it to someone. I can't believe how rude that is. If it wasn't planned the last thing in the world you'd want someone to say to you is "was it planned". FFS. That person deserved a slap. Was it a man? Women tend to have more tact. But plenty of stupid women out there too mind you.
randomusername Posts: 2134
No consolation to you but most people genuinely don't mean any offense. I know a girl who had a lot of fertility problems herself and it was only when we pointed out that she made comments such as those you listed that she noticed!! Ridiculous I know, but it was like a stream of small talk, generic little comments that she never even thought about. She stopped soon enough when we pointed it out though. I would be inclined to say ignore them and don't give any response whatsoever. I always found that silence worked best with people silly enough to comment. Try not to let them get to you :lvs
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
god id love that........... im always getting this at work would love to say nope actually my husband has no sperm and we are infertile but as your here i presume you partner is a ok would he like to make a donation ! :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0