what you think of this bm dress???????

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nikbic Posts: 344
ok please tell me what you think of these bm dresses for an oct wedding??? with an ivory wedding dress... its the boob tube one im looking at.... honest dont mind if ya think they are tacky?????????? [img:x2h0m21k]http://www.ardeebridalhouse.com/products/large/bridesmaid/b076-b075-b074.jpg[/img:x2h0m21k] [img:x2h0m21k]http://www.ardeebridalhouse.com/products/large/bridesmaid/bm76-bm75-bm74bk.jpg[/img:x2h0m21k]
gina1 Posts: 215
Don't think they are tacky but they wouldn't be my type of dress..I'm not really into the typical bridemaid dresses ......and that thats what it looks like to me ,,,but if you like the traditional look then no they are not tacky and are more than adequate for a bridemaid dress.......
Leftbank Posts: 2395
Gorgeous dress but i think i would assosciate that colour with a summer wedding.
babydays Posts: 708
If it looks good on your ladies and you like it then go for it. I think its lovely but some girls don't like their legs so just check with the b/maids. Good luck with it.
Elban26 Posts: 2458
I like the dress, not sure about the colour though....
two010 Posts: 103
I like the style and the colour.I prefer full length dresses myself but if you and your bridesmaids are happy with them then go for it.
mrsfisherman Posts: 314
I was considering a colour like this as my wedding is autumn theme but then went with olive green. Personally, I prefer full lenght gowns. the style on top and around the waist is lovely though. I think if the colour was a little deeper, it would be better. You must go with what you like though as it is your day!
Redpunto Posts: 224
Dress is nice but wouldnt like the colour
manxmrs Posts: 850
I like them - really nice :o)ll
Mrs09 Posts: 355
I like the style of the dress but not the colour :-8