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HippyChic Posts: 1812
Well girls, it has been a good few years since I was on here and I have to say that the years haven't been kind to the site! It's as dead as a door nail around here and it's not for want of traffic, I can see from the list on the bottom of the forums page that there's plenty of people logged in and/or visiting (lurking!) but there's almost zero activity! This used to be a hopping little place, there was always great banter to be had with a wide variety of very witty ladies (plus the odd gent or two) and looking at the active topics list there isn't even one listing for Off Topic...sure that's always been where the magic happened! I know, I know, I'm partly to blame as well, I've not logged in for years but I had my reasons (my marriage ended after 13'd be surprised how much that makes one not want to log onto a site of happy B2B's...) and I'm sure some of the old gang wandered off for various reasons themselves but it popped into my head recently and ya know what? I've missed these forums quite a bit. If there's anyone actually alive on here it would be great if you could reply and we could knock the dust off the old gal and get it going again, even a little bit! (P.S. if anyone could remind me how to edit my signature that'd be fab...I don't need reminding about my wedding, thanks! :innocent: )
Carriedaway Posts: 1863
same here hippychic i just came back to work after maternity leave and decided to log on can't believe how dead it is i know myself i pulled back abit because i found it quite b!tchy , you couldn't say anything without people hopping on you. i found myself not bothering to reply to stuff for fear of some one telling me how stupid my advice was. Also for a while they were upgrading the site and it was just attrocious for logging in so much effort so just didn't bother. Sorry to hear about your marriage , hope you are doing good :action32 if you find out about the ticker id be interested to know mine says im like 100 weeks pregnant haha
HippyChic Posts: 1812
A reply! :o)ll I know what you mean, carriedaway, the sh!t hit the fan here quite regularly, and furiously. It made for great entertainment, once you weren't the one getting the brunt of it of course! I think I only got snarled at a few times, though I do have a few on the foes list so maybe I'm just being forgetful. Congrats on the longest pregnancy ever :o0 Apparently it's in the User Control Panel that you can change the signature settings but I've been through it a few times now and I can;t seem to find exactly how to do it. I'm guessing it's one of the things that changed with the site upgrades you mentioned. As for the other stuff, I'm doing great. Sometimes these things happen because there's something better out there for you (ahem, I say that now, two years ago I wasn't quite as cheery and philosophical about it :-8 )
Carriedaway Posts: 1863
:o0 :o0 :o0 I love how you're so excited for a reply I did enjoy reading the scraps but not so much being in the middle. Theres one ongoing now about d digital , i remember coming on here looking for advice at the time i was looking for my dvd and everyone slating me because supplier pm'd them and told them his wife had cancer and i was being a brat forward 4 years later and hes still at the same game !! i feel like i want that scrap to reappear now so i can go in your face :o0 I am a firm believer in whats meant for you won't pass you by , mainly since i was broken hearted, its ten years ago now this year, i was devo, but we split up i went travelling came home and met my now hubby , so there is something awesome waiting for you out there. have you done anything mad life changing since the split like just hop on a plane some where
HippyChic Posts: 1812
Well I chopped off all my hair, bought an apt by the sea, dated some really dreadful (and one or two nice) guys and then took a year off dating entirely. Didn't matter who or what happened I was taking time to myself... Cue career change and I met a lovely guy who blew me away right from the start. I managed about 6 months of the not-dating and then I couldn't hold myself back any longer and we started going out for little picnics after work on Friday evenings, the odd lunch in the city, that kinda thing. We're living together now and he's been asking me to marry him since the 3rd conversation he ever had with me but we'll see how that pans out when I actually get divorced in 2 years O-O I was planning on a three year long world trip but then I bought my apt so that went out the window. I thought I might regret it but I really haven't. Like you say; what's for you won't pass you by!
mrspiggy Posts: 1289
Hi ladies I've not been on much at all and it's mostly over in m&k if I am on and that's as dead as anything. When I was pg on DD2 we had set up a secret fb page from wol but there was a far bigger one off roller coaster one of the girls was a member of so we all moved there and that's where I now get my online entertainment! Glad to hear you're doing so well hippychic & carriedaway I just replied to your query on the other side!
Rainchie Posts: 58
Hi all, think my sis was from the good old days of WOL she was always on it when planning her 2010 wedding. I'm getting married in July and joined as soon as I got engaged on her advice. While it might not be a hive of activity I think it is what we make of it. Still a nice place to have a chat with other B2Bs and ask and offer advice but I just think the internet has moved on. We have so many social media accounts and the like that it's hard to keep tabs on them all. Maybe if WOL had an app it would be more streamlined.
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
You can picture tumbleweed blowing about these forums the past couple of years. The only excitement lately is when there's a tonne of spam threads for fake passports & drivers licences or my personal favourite, Spicy Lingerie. Around the time I joined WOL KatieF was all the rage, trolling everyone. Very entertaining to read though. There used to be some prolific posters on here. Weird Cat Lady has deleted her account, though Jawl posted a few times in the past few months. Sorry to hear about your marriage Hippychic, though it sounds like you have a lovely guy now :xox
bluepolkadots Posts: 1237
I check a few forums once or twice a day but it's so rare for there to be posts not sure why I do check. Habit?! Happy to try and revive!
Luka Posts: 1904
Hey girls! I was a frequent poster here for a long time...I stopped posting after I was attacked nastily by a key board warrior who knew I was heavily pregnant at the time but ripped me to shreds. At the time I couldn't be dealing with that kind of immature & nameless bullying. I have lurked the odd time since... But I can genuinely see why the site basically died...a lot of nasties waiting to jump down people's throats. Must have a look through some threads to see if any of them still lurk in the shadows!