whats everyone wearing on the hen night?

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poodle Posts: 596
:o)ll dunno whether to go very dressy or jeans dressy? Am thinking of jeans with killer heels and fab top (will have the tan done and hair trial aswell) but also have a fab new black very dressy number but was going to keep that for the day after the wedding?decisions decisions.whats everyone doing? ;o)
herby Posts: 543
I have not planned my hen yet but would think i would go with the dress I just do not want to have tacky t shirts, L plates, fake willies of any other body parts.
monkeybear Posts: 1926
Id wear the dress!! I love dresses dont get to wear them that often
malla Posts: 161
I'm having the exact same dilema, Jeans with fab Purple boots and purple top, or little black dress. I haven't been asking much about the plans, my sister has organised it. So I think I'll have to ask her or ask some of the girls what they are wearing. We're going to the Dogs and then into town so either will work I think. Sorry I wasn't of any help. Although, if you really want to wear the dress after the wedding, I would keep it special for that.
birdie Posts: 954
I'd go with the jeans and the killer top & heels, save the dress for the day after the wedding!
SGirl Posts: 2542
I have an outfit boughT, its a pink and black dress but i have an overwhelming feeling that i will not be wearing it... my sis and i are v close and whenever i mentioned going shopping for my hen outfit it was strongly discouraged... my sis wood always be up for a shopping expedition... she is organising my hen and there is a big box im her bed room that im not allowed near UH OH!
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
[quote="birdie":2rlb18b3]I'd go with the jeans and the killer top & heels, save the dress for the day after the wedding![/quote:2rlb18b3] I agree. *)
Handy Posts: 5
Just back from Portugal on my hens and I was in the same dilemma going - what to wear. I didn't want any t-shirts or willies etc however when I got there they all had tshirts and red sparkly cowboy hats (there was 21 of us) and they made me a veil, no willies in sight, and I had the best weekend ever. Don't think too much about the hens, your mates will know what ur into and how far they can go. I was worried until I got there and completely let my hair down and just went with the flow and now I can't wait for the wedding. Everyone was great and I really had a fantastic time - tshirts and all
charlotteyork Posts: 1275
We're all going for the dressed up look as I couldn't tell you the last time we all went away together. Want to make the most of it. Think I'm looking for a black dress, wouldn't want anything that would clash with whatever paraphenalia they have organised :o0
mrssirfoxie Posts: 379
I say wear whatever you feel you will be most comfortable in and dont forget to enjoy yourself as well hope you have a great time :wv