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breeze Posts: 1175
yesterday i was a giddy and in great form, today im tired and so emotional. My SIL was just in annoying me as she usually does and im now in tears for no reason what so ever. Im due tomorrow week so maybe thats playing on my mind aswell praying i dont go into labour xmas eve for the sake of DS and DH. Im welling up now, i feel like such a divey. Anyone else feel like this towards the end. All my friends are saying that i will go early and i think that is playing on my mind too. Help before i go mad
decmum Posts: 239
Heh breeze, chin up, bawling my eyes today cos i'm overdue!! It's our hormones hanging out of the rafters :eek :eek Don't mind the SIL you'll have the lime light next week >:o) :o0 Rent out a comedy and paint your toes! :thnk
breeze Posts: 1175
Id paint my toes if i could reach them :o0 :o0 Getting my nails down tomorrow so that should cheer my up Thanks