whats more expensive?

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ClaireT1981 Posts: 510
going to see about wedding rings on friday and h2b has told me to make sure we bargin as platinum is cheaper than gold now. is that correct?
Smiley13 Posts: 215
Maybe he's thinking about palladium?? I know that cheaper. My OH got a plain palladium for about 250
blue16 Posts: 201
Yep my OH went for Palladium too. I had to get platinum to match my ring but we saved about €500 by his being Palladium and its lovely!
smiley03 Posts: 184
Hi there..No matter what ring u are goin for make sure u try a few jewellery shops as the difference in price and ring can be huge....I tried several shops for my ring as i wanted one to match my engagement ring...They ranged in price from 3,000e to 700e....I taught i would have no troube getting a ring for 300e max but boy wasnt i wrong....I was lucky enough to get my ring on sale in feilds jewellery in dublin...I was starting to give up hope of finding one when by chance i was in dub one day and found it...Do a few shops try rings on get the price and go to the nxt shop...If u like it get the shop to write the size and type of ring down for u and come back...if ur goin for a plain wedding band they are far cheaper alright..Good luck with ur search...
redgp Posts: 1681
Unfortunately platinum is WAY more expensive than gold at the moment. Is he talking about palladium? It's getting more popular in the states now as it's MUCH cheaper and easy for jewellers to work with. Most people can't tell the difference. It's a little duller than platinum.
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
Platinum is the most expensive metal on the market at the moment with gold (yellow) coming a very close second. Palladium is an excellent hard wearing metal that looks and acts like platinum at a fraction of the price. If you are looking for even better value there are some lovely mens Titanium rings that you can buy that are practically indestructible!! Happy shopping. I have to say we got a surprise when buying our rings at how expensive they were but as someone else said, shop around shop around shop around!!