whats the best baby/preganancy book youve ever read?

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missybride Posts: 304
hi guys 12 weeks now so starting to let myself believe this is really going to happen! have first scan tomorrow and wanna get a good book next week to take me right through. any suggestions on the best ones you have come across x
cat woman Posts: 897
"what to expect when expecting" its really good tell u month by month what to expect and after the birth its one of the best books around, good luck with your scan tomorrow its so exciting :o)ll
Tub Posts: 157
Congrats to you. i got "what to expect when ur expecting" and found it great it was my GP that recommended it as well.
mrsodo Posts: 1292
Hi Missy, hope your scan went well. I also have What to Expect when you're Expecting and I find it really informative.
fabcards Posts: 541
agree with previous posters...best book to read and goes thru each stage very well..kind of book you can just pick up and let down after a while.