Whats the deal with heels?

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romobo Posts: 840
I have heard you are not supposed to wear heels when you are pregnant but i live in heels! Just wondering is it a health/safety thing or more of a comfort thing? :wv
Herry Posts: 84
I don't know, but my doctor said that heels are a big no-no. I think your balance is off as you get bigger but also more at risk of veins too.
brightling Posts: 1496
I was told that as your bump expands your centre of gravity changes so you are less steady on your feet and more likely to fall over.
randomusername Posts: 2134
Its to do with your centre of gravity and your hips are looser so you could cause damage. Also as your bump grows your lower back is under serious pressure and wearing heels normally puts pressure on lower back muscles. I love heels and live in them and wear them almost everyday. However, if I'm going to be walking around or standing for long periods I stick a pair of ballet pumps in my bag. I'm trying to be sensible, retain some sense of style but not be foolish about my vanity :yelrotflmaosmilie:
seastar Posts: 120
I'm 35 weeks and still in heels - couldn't live without them! Just hold on to the banister while going up and down stairs!
mrsb09 Posts: 1292
im 36 nearly 37 weeks and none of my shoes or boots are really fitting me, i can bare flat boots for a while.im in runners and my hubby's socks!!! i apparently have fluid,hope its not just fat. i was suffering with back also and physio said to me no no for high heels, but i cant manage flat shoes never mind high shoes...
Silini2 Posts: 3834
I cant wear heels at all once i have any kind of bump. I have fallen twice already so i certainly wont be wearing them again!! I also find that any fitted boots just wont close anymore so they are too tight!!!!! I love my flats!
romobo Posts: 840
Thanks for all the replies girls - I guess I will keep going as long as I am comfy and feel safe or until a medical professional tells me to get down!