Whats the nicest restaurant you have ever been to?

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hagfromhell Posts: 2146
And why? Mine is probably The Forge in Kells, food is lovely, staff are friendly and not over bearing, and it is only a place we have ever been as a special occasion so I have been loved up when I went there! Anyone else?
JustBecause Posts: 3242
The Witchery in Edinburgh is one of the nicest meals we ever had. SO romantic and the food was delicious.
We love a little Indian down the road from us in a little village called Headcorn. It is an old Tudor style building and you wouldn't think it was an indian at all, more like a country pub. It has old beams on the ceilings and a fireplace inside and the food is just superb. Even better on a Monday night as it's half price. I also love a Thai restaurant in Stoke Newington in London called Yum Yums. The food again is just fantasic and me and hubby had a very lovely date there so I always love it now.
Oh and when I go home to Navan I love Zuchini's and the good old China Garden.
Snuddlums Posts: 1644
mine would have to be o'briens in johnstown navan,fab!!!
Bubstar Posts: 399
[quote="JustBecause":1z0mcyd8]The Witchery in Edinburgh is one of the nicest meals we ever had. SO romantic and the food was delicious.[/quote:1z0mcyd8] I was there too, its totally fab!! agree v romantic place :lvs
MichelleMyBelle Posts: 1270
A friend of mine was in the Witchery recently also, and said it was fab! I had a FANTASTIC meal in the Eastern Seaboard and Grill in Bryanstown, near Drogheda. Very unexpected as the location isn't very 'cool' but it really was one of the best plates of food I've ever had.
Girls am going to Edinburgh myself next week. You say the Witchery is romantic but I am going with my sisters for a girls weekend. Sounds like it has got good reviews from you all though so is it a nice place for a girls dinner or is it mostly couples. Also what sort of prices for dinner?
JustBecause Posts: 3242
NaughtyD it's a bit pricey. Maybe save it for a trip with the hubby. Very difficult to get a booking too, we only got in at 10.30pm! We went to the restaurant at the top of the museum and it was fantastic too but much more modern and a great ladies lunch (dinner) spot.
Bubstar Posts: 399
its a few years ago now that I was there...I had actually forgotten about it till I saw it mentioned here...nice memory :) as far as I can remember I don't think it was cheap...I could be wrong but I think I paid and it was 180pounds for 2 of us...but that was 3 courses - with apperative, digestive drinkies and well as other drinks... :hic I remember it being all dimly lit which must have helped create the romantic vibe....lots of couples but def groups too cool city - have a great weekend