Whats the website where all the previous wollies went?

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JustJess Posts: 368
Think it was real weddings but it's not active anymore. Some went to magic mum too
livadia Posts: 351
Busbybabe, It was http://www.irishwomenonline.com which at some point switched to a new address: http://www.talk4ireland.com Unfortunately, both sites seem to be no longer active. Pity, as I used to read/post there. The Wollie who started used the handle of: "DCD." Doesn't appear that she has been active on WOL for a while, but you could try contacting her and see if the site has been resurrected under another name/domain. Other Wollies that used to post there also include: GraceFace, MrsBlues, mollyeile, and mia. I believe Siobhan Oliver's mum, (Siobhan, the wedding singer who's also a WOL Supplier) was also active on the other site. You might try contacting her or one of the others to see if they know anything. 'Tis a shame, because the spam on WOL has gotten totally out of hand as of late. Best, Livadia
livadia Posts: 351
[quote="JustJess":1f52p0tr]Some went to magic mum too[/quote:1f52p0tr] Hope they had better luck than I did. I've tried several times to register there and can't for some reason. Another website that might be worth checking out is: www.rollercoaster.ie. There's a wedding forum on there and lots of forums about babies, children, TTC, divorce, you name it. Not as much action as on WOL usually, but if enough people go fed up and migrated there it could be just as lively. Best, Livadia
Octobermum10 Posts: 855
Some went to real lives but when that was shut down they started their own forum. There were a lot of lurkers on real lives so the new forum is private for that reason - it's not meant to exclude it's just that a lot of private information is shared and it allows people to do so without the worry of people spying on them.