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Champagne Sorbet Posts: 219
Hi! Hoping someone can help. We have just booked our honeymoon and it's to the Maldives. Very excited...EXCEPT...we have booked a water villa and I can only assume it will be inevitable that I will have to step into the sea. The thing is I have a very very bad fear of fish :-8 I can't even put my toe into the sea when we are on holiday, even pinkeens scare the bejaysus out of me :eek it stems from years ago when my aunt told me about the day she was dangling her legs in the local canal which was a popular swimming area and an eel slithered through her legs :eek ... any advice....pleeaasssee xxx
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
Have you tried hypnotherapy? My friend had a big fear of the dentist and she said this helped a lot
mrspants Posts: 4652
Ok i am believer in face the fear. Maybe try a local river (with h2b in a quiet spot, you don't want an audience!) first?
happieout Posts: 3111
I'd say if you did it once or twice your fear would reduce a lot. Do a bit of research first to ease your mind - what's the chances of having fish swim against you when you're swimming in the sea in the Maldives? Probably very low. I've never experienced this anywhere and always swim in the sea anytime I'm away on hols.
Champagne Sorbet Posts: 219
Thanks for replying girls appreciate the advice...greeniegirl the text on the brochure goes on about how amazing the snorkling is and the closeness you get to the beautiful multi coloured fish in the clear blue sea...obviously it's other peoples (probably everyones!) dream but my nightmare :-8
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
[quote="hotpants":95efc3j5]Ok i am believer in face the fear. Maybe try a local river (with h2b in a quiet spot, you don't want an audience!) first?[/quote:95efc3j5] I agree with hotpants, think a local river would be a good 1st try or even a fish tank :o0 :o0 :o0
cherries on top Posts: 521
I kinda have this fear too. For some mad reason (I don't know why and its sounds stupid) I think the fish (the little ones of course) might end up up my nose or in my swimsuit!!! I know it wouldn't happen but that's what I fear. I actually dis-agree with the river idea, just because I find rivers to be murky and dirty (well the ones near me!) so my fear there is I can't acutally see whats there. But the waters are very clear in the Maldives so at least you can see what is going on. I think when you get over there take it day by day and get a bit braver, but I totally see where you are coming from. I'm not a great swimmer but on hols I get so nervous in the water because of this
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
Scared of this too- do not like the thought of fish swimming near me or touching me *bleugh*... also don't like birds flying near me- or hopping around on the ground near me... I am a delight to go on hols with!! :yelrotflmaosmilie:
scoutf Posts: 667
why not try a visit to an aquarium? I hate spiders and I visited a spider house in a park in Aus. I cant say it cured me but seeing what they had there certainly put the little ones we have over here in perspective. I can now pick up some of them in a glass (major step for me!)
Dolphin Lover Posts: 303
hi, i have a couple of fears and i would agree that you have to face them to conquer them. I was really bad with heights and couldn't even climb the ladder to the attic without a total panic and had to be peeled off because i was crying hysterically :-8 :eek I was also really afraid of water - couldn't swim or even get in water past my waist. So when we went travelling for a year I was really nervous these would hold me back. then I ended up underground in a dark cave in New Zealand and was told to jump backwards off a waterfall. my ultimate nightmare but i had no choose to do it. and i didn't die :o0 with practice i got better at giving it a go and tried not to cry when i was on the chair lifts on the top of the mountain when i went skiing!! i eventually took swimming lessons to help me deal with water. I wouldn't say I am completely cured- I am still nervous on ladders, steep stairs and the like but other than a racing heart and the shakes I am a lot more in control. I think when you get there you will have to take it a day at a time. I have been in water with little clownfish (little nemos!) and I found it very exciting (in fact it distracted me from the fact i was in the middle of a vast ocean miles from shore :eek ) bets of luck