wheelchair access in dublin

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fantac Posts: 4109
ola one of my BM's is wheelchair bound and coming over from the UK this eve to go dress searching. we're planning to go out for grub tomo eve and am finding it realy hard to find somewhere with wheelchair access - any ideas? city centre pref and not mad posh/expensive. its mad - nearly everyone i have called is not accessible.......... and i'd hate her to get here and it be all difficult as she gets very cross when facilities aren't wheelchair friendly. :o( thanks guys - all suggestions gratefully rec'd x
buzybumble Posts: 831
Hi there, if you like thai food then Siam Thai on St. Andrew Street is nice ph: 677 3363. The only thing is that the loo is down stairs which is a pain. If all else fails book a restaurant in one of the hotels as most have to be wheel chair friendly and have lifts in them. Good luck with the searching and enjoy your night out *)
Mrs Malefesense Posts: 1440
Wow isn't it funny that when you start to think of nice restaurants which are wheel chair accessible you come up blank. Can't think of a single one which is really disgraceful O:|
Bubski Posts: 1785
Try Danelion - good food and they have a lift to go downstairs to night cub I have a sister in wheelchair as well and its a disgrace to say that every where is so un wheelchair friendly - even shops they pack the railins together and you would barely fit a buggy in there. Eugh dont get me started. >:o(
woltastic Posts: 197
Market Bar for pub grub? There must surely be quite a few places around Grafton St/South Anne St. Any hotel should be fine too in the area.
sunflowers26/09/07 Posts: 512
Luigi Malones in temple bar have a wheelchair loo on the ground floor. You could contact the Irish Wheelchair Association, www.iwa.ie and ask them if they have details of any pubs etc.