When are ye all putting up your tree????

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sandy13 Posts: 939
cant rembember when i usually put it up. thanks sandy
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
9th December....I'd put it up on the 1st if I could but I had to comprimise with DH. Although I think he's getting into the Christmas spirit...he bought lights for outside the house at the weekend!!! I can't wait...I get so excited over Christmas! :o)ll
Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
The 8th [b:y5tguvha]Its bad luck to put it up before then![/b:y5tguvha]
sandy13 Posts: 939
great stuff thanks girls!!!!!!!!!
pluto Posts: 3893
The weekend after next. Can't wait! :o)ll
SaJa Posts: 4282
[quote="Hokey Cokey":1djrr1vq]The 8th [b:1djrr1vq]Its bad luck to put it up before then![/b:1djrr1vq][/quote:1djrr1vq] Same here, I think the 8th is soon enough.
Mrs Snove Posts: 1611
Putting ours up the 8th as well :o)ll
pluto Posts: 3893
Do you think we'd get away with putting it up the 7th? :-8 One day early shouldn't be too much bad luck! O:o) Hubby's away the 8th, and the following weekend is too late. And I refuse to put it up during the week. I have to put it up at the weekend so that I can get up the following day and enjoy it without having to go to work.
DublinGirl Posts: 1307
We always put ours up 1st December. LOVE christmas. Plus I bought an extra 2 trees in Argos on the sale for EUR35.00 :-8 :-8 . So I'm putting the big one in my sitting room, and the two smaller ones from argos, I'm putting in the kitchen and one in the hall. We have a huge hall and a fairly big kitchen too. Roll on this weekend. Zipity doo dah, zipity day, my oh my what a wonderful day!!!!! :action34 :o0
clucky Posts: 26471
The 8th its a tradition in our house the lads put it up - i comment that it looks ''messy' take it all apart and do it myself