When are you finishing work?

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Fur Posts: 131
Are most people waiting until 2wks before due date or what is normal? xx
mumof2 Posts: 3864
I am finishing this Friday so I will have 7 weeks to go then. I also used up my holidays to give me 3 weeks off at beginning of year so I am only really back for 2 weeks
molls Posts: 149
I'm finishing up 3 weeks before my due date.
Baby Mad Posts: 1756
Depending on how I feel nearer the time but I plan on finishing up on the 16 May and baby is due on the 28th or 31st May. Only 15 more weeks to work please god :o)ll
silíní Posts: 4219
Out of work at the moment :o( :o( :o( But if i do get work between now and then i'll be stopping two weeks before due date, but all that depends on how i feel i guess....
cbs Posts: 704
Due March 18th and start ML on March 3rd. A friend is due March 16th and she finishes up March 7th... Doc advised me to take as much time as possible but I would prefer to keep it until after.... Work is fine but I am switched off already and finding it a bummer coming in everyday... Taking as much time off (late starts/leaving early) as I can get away with >:o)
mrscat Posts: 1082
2 weeks beforehand, so middle of May sometime. I want all the time afterwards and have been lucky with my pregnancy so far, so lets hope that continues and I can work right up until the 2 weeks. I'm lucky to have a relaxed job & flexible working hours.
All the way May Posts: 203
I'm officially finished on March 14th but I am hoping to go on a cert two weeks before on Feb 29th. My back is in a bad way and I am up sick most nights so I am always exhausted, plus I have to commute to work. Neither car nor desk is helping my back. I am in bits here some days. What I am wondering is, is it difficult to get a cert to finish up early or is the GP/Consultant usually quite willing to sign you off !???
happyfeet Posts: 1316
Well im off work at mo with back back....but due back on monday then takin annual leave from middle of april then startin maternity leave about the12th may.........due 15th May. Thats the plan anyaway!
YumYum Posts: 482
Finishing up 2 weeks before hopefully. Have had a great pregnancy so far, so hoping that will continue.