When are you putting up your Christmas Tree etc?

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*MrsShamrock* Posts: 383
Hi All When are you putting up your tree and decorations? We usually put them up on the first of December. Also do any of you go really crazy with all the lights and santas outside ?
originalwoowoo Posts: 867
I love my tree but will not put it up until after the 8th - probably Sat 10th. No-one is let touch the tree, only me - and in time to come I will probably hire a 'tree' bodyguard to protect it from mini woo woo's!! I fully support Marty Whelan's 'Keep Christmas until Christmas' and hate seeing decorations going up in houses or shops before 1st Dec!!!!
rio Posts: 995
i'll putting mine up on the 1st of december too, love xmas,i decorate the sitting room, hall and kitchen and put lighs in 2 upstair bedrooms windows. there is xmas tree up in my estate since monday night of this week
Miss X Posts: 1415
I normally leave it till a bit closer to Christmas, we're moving house this weekend so it probably won't go up until the week before christmas. The only thing I put out side is tiny little lights (even smaller than lights for the tree) on a weeping willow in front of the house, it looks really well if I may say so :lol:
Diva2005 Posts: 91
Wont be back from honeymoon until the 10th so I will probably put it up the following week. Wanted to put it up before the wedding but H2B wont let me :( .
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
after the 8th for us aswell.Not at all into the big santas and lights outside.maybe a few little ones in windows in other peoples house are nice but not too many. How in gods name does your tree survive as ours is so dry and wilted after putting it up for nearly the 4 wks? god i cant wait to smell the tree in the mornings-i love it! :oops: sorry only coped it now you are into false tress,god i think they are dreadful,you cant beat a real tree.I recently saw a black false tree imagine how horrid that was look and the white ones just rotten IMO
Mokey Posts: 576
I'm probably going to put ours up on December 4th. I don't want to leave it too much closer to Christmas cos I'll be up to my eyes with wedding stuff. I'm another Christmas Tree freak - paid an absolute fortune for a really good tree a few years ago (it's huge!!) and nobody's allowed to touch it but me. I've added more to it every year - most of my decorations are American, I always pick up new ones in Macys whenever I'm there. Can't wait to put it up this year cos I know then that it's getting closer to the wedding :D :D
cathycam Posts: 335
At home, our tree always went up the first weekend of December, so it'll be 3rd for us!! Can't wait - huge tree and lots of little candles and ornaments around. Last year, my dad put lights on a few small trees in our garden and thought it would be horrible, but it was actually quite nice because he did it more subtle than I thought he would!
MrsNoc05 Posts: 1823
Oooooh I cant wait to put ours up too probably the saturday the 10th of december by the time we get around to it - I decorate the sitting room and the kitchen and hall - I have the most beautiful garlands for the stairs the fireplace across my top presses and across the top of the dresser in the dining room and I love them ! I cant wait to put them up it will be our last christmas in this house next year we will be in our new house and will be renting this one out !
rose petal Posts: 307
Ohh I love xmas its my favourite time of year! But I have to hold off and put tree up in Dec as early as possible !! :lol: Ho Ho Ho RP