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Just wondering how soon before your due date you ladies are taking maternity leave. My due date is 25th April and I am not leaving work until 11th. Have lots of people telling me I am cutting it fine but I feel well and still have plenty of energy. Is anyone else leaving it til a couple of weeks before or are you all going earlier?
minkel Posts: 270
I'm cutting it tighter. Due 16th April and finishing work on 11th April.
lilytiger Posts: 536
If you're still feeling fine then you're dead right!! On DS I was the same as you, was due 26th December and finished up work on the 10th so it was 2 weeks before due date. DS arived on the 27th so i had my two weeks to myslef and enjoyed resting up waiting for his arrival. Some people go earlier especially if they work on their feet all day but I found I wanted the time after baby arrived. A girl i work with (in a chemist) finished up 4 weeks before due date due to being tired but her baby was 2 weeks over due and she used up 6 weeks of maternity leave waiting on baby's arrival!! If i were you I'd stick to the 2 week deadline and hope you don't go early so you get a few days of relaxing and resting up. Best of luck!
strangeangel Posts: 1269
First time I finished at 38 weeks, reasoning I'd be likely to go beyond my due date and baby was born at 39 weeks :) This time my ML starts at 38 weeks, but I had a week of holidays to use, so I officially finished at 37 weeks. This time I was completely ready to finish, whereas first time I was looking forward to the break, but didn't physically feel like I had to stop working right then.
gopro Posts: 1801
Under our terms we must start Maternity leave 2 weeks prior to due date. so offically 38 weeks but liek u others keep tellin me to take time to relax so i plan on taking 2 weeks leave before so 36 weeks
babyblaBBer Posts: 2448
i'm self employed so only finished a week before DS was due. so glad as he was 2 weeks late and i was going mental! i had everything ready before i finished work and was just driven demented having nothing to do but wait. will defo work as late as possible again this time.
Chubbums Posts: 699
[quote="yonex":31toj8x2]Under our terms we must start Maternity leave 2 weeks prior to due date. so offically 38[/quote:31toj8x2] +1. Finishing up May 31st....50 days left :o0 People were telling me to finish up earlier so I could relax but I think I'd just get bored sitting around while everyone else is working so I'd prefer to work up as close as I can and have more time off with babs afterwards.
ohsotired Posts: 7071
My maternity leave starts at 35 weeks! Don't know how people manage working so close to their EDD - I've been sick for most of the pregnancy so this probably contributes to how I feel but I'm so big and wrecked as it is now that I can't even begin to imagine what I'll be like come 37-38 weeks!!!
summersurprise Posts: 1276
Last year I as due May 3rd and worked til May 12th, went into hosp on may 13th and DD2 was born on may 14th, I had asked Dr to put a later date than my due date on my Mat form, so my mat leave didnt kick in til after I was due anyways, same this year am due towards end of May and have asked Dr to put a date in June on it, as Im having a fairly straightforward and no sickness etc prg, Im happy to keep working as long as I can, much prefer the time off after LO arrives than sitting twiddling my thumbs waiting at home :stork: if LO arrives before the time, it will kick in anyways. :wv
HMB Posts: 459
I'm starting my maternity leave a week before my due date.