When are you telling at work?

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Blackie Posts: 52
Just wondered when you all think is a good time to spill the beans at work that you will be off for a few months! Nearly said it today (13 weeks), but got cold feet. There won't be any problem I am sure, but wondered if I was being a bit previous....
MrsP2B Posts: 180
hey blackie i'm 12 weeks had to tell work this week cause of the nature of work i do, guess its individual really you could wait till ya start showing which will be soon :D
snozberry Posts: 1212
I spoke to my managers - in confidence - and told them from when I was about 9 weeks... this was to prepare them in case I couldnt come in or felt ill at any stage. As it turned out I was off for a couple of weeks resting after a scare - thankfully all was ok but at least I didnt have to explain anything to anyone. told my closest colleague aswell then told everyone else when I was about 12/13 weeks. so really its whenever you feel comfortable... and as someone said depending on the nature of your work... you should now not lift anything weighty or move furniture/ large amount of files etc etc.... hth
Blackie Posts: 52
Thanks girlies - I think I will definitely say it before the end of the week. We had an office move recently, so I made sure not to lift anything but still tried to make myself look busy! I have told one close colleague as I had to tell someone! Looking forward to having my bump and then I will have no explaining to do :) It just struck me that I bumped into my boss in the doctor's when I had a scare myself, and made an eejit of myself by crying in front of her, so as far as she knows it was bad news, as I never told her any different. Feel a bit guilty now. Previous time I had a misc. and bumped into my previous boss in the hospital that time - spooky!